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The one thing I have noticed about Steem blockchain is that it is a platform that succeeds in whatever it strives to achieve. I see it as we Steemians are all lucky to be a part of @steem. Last week, both @nathanmars and @theycallmedan made posts urging 1000 steemians to go all out to vote for our cryptocurrency to be listed on Niffler exchange. Well, I am happy to share the good news that our dear steem has now been added to the Niffler cryptocurrency exchange list. I see this as a step of advancement for Steemit. Inc and to all steemit users.

WHAT IS NIFFLER EXCHANGE? is a FREE crypto community that helps educate folks just like you interested in cryptocurrencies and crypto trading. We do it by taking out the risk of using real capital and giving you $100k in play money that can be traded alongside a live and real time crypto exchange. Once you get good at it, you can earn real money by teaching and guiding others! There is simply no safer and easier way to learn!


Source is simply a simulated crypto exchange platform that gives newbies an opportunity to learn about how to trade crypto without the risk. When this newbies have become crypto experts, they now teach others how to trade crypto and earn money from teaching them. This exchange teaches crypto enthusiasts safe and profitable ways of trading. On Niffler Exchange, you can also get rewarded when you grow your portfolio.

As a Steemian who is interested in learning how to go about cryptocurrency trading or you are an already experienced crypto trader, It is advisable to sign up on @niffler and have the opportunity to learn a whole lot for free. Isn't it awesome that the skills you will learn from the platform will generate income for you?
Get to know more about this crypto exchange platform on the official website Here.

Have A Blessed Day!


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