Nicehash back after the hack ...

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Back In Business...

Slovenian hashing marketplace NiceHash returned to operational status today after losing 4,736.42 BTC that belonged to both them and users who had deposited amounts for mining contracts. In an official statement NiceHash assures users that a group of "international investors" has cooperated with them in restoring the lost funds and expected refunds will be made available January 31, 2018.

In related news, NiceHash CEO Marko Kobal issued a statement of resignation in light of the recent attack. Kobal expressed his faith in the "New Management Team" for NiceHash.

Hash power providers (sellers) were least affected by the breach, likely only losing around 0.01 BTC, so many of them have returned to provide their rigs for rental again. The test of time remains to see if buyers will trust the new management and allow NiceHash to continue to grow.

Do you use NiceHash? Are there other providers you prefer? Let me know in the comments.


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I never used them but thinking of it, do you have any experience with them?


I have experience as a "seller, and it has so far been a good experience. If you do decide to sign up, use the link in my post (click the nicehash banner), as I do earn a referral bonus for people who sign up.

I like that NiceHash makes it relatively easy to mine with my CPU and low end AMD GPU where most pools require more advanced equipment than I own.


Sounds like I should try it, if I do I’ll definitely use your link 🙂 however as I am travelling I have no equipment with me, once I settle maybe ...