Mining marketplace NiceHash is back, and will repay users for their losses!

in nicehash •  2 years ago  (edited)

On December 6 Nicehash was hacked for about 4,700 BTC, worth millions of dollars. According to an email the company sent out to its users and to its Twitter accounts, it is back and is going to repay customers for their losses. According to the company's CMO, at first there won't be any balances on accounts, but they will then be restored.


This makes Nicehash one of the few companies that is coming back after being hacked for millions of dollars!

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I sincerely hope they start keeping the majority of their coinage in a cold storage wallet. It would help prevent a lot of the issues going on here.

Yeah they'll probably beef up security now

it seems obvious to do that

And yet they didn't. Coinbase only has 5% of total currency available in their hot wallet. The remaining 95% is locked down tighter than Satan's butthole.

PRetty sure Bitstamp, Kraken, and Polo do that too