The New NiceHash Miner 2 Alpha for Easy Crypto Mining

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A quick preview in photos of the upcoming NiceHash Miner 2, this is still an earlier Alpha version of the software, but it shows a complete makeover compared to the version 1 of the software. The NiceHash Miner software is an easy to use GUI for users that do not want to get too much into crypto mining, but still want to profit from their available CPU and/or GPU power. The software acts as a frontend to multiple software miners that actually do the mining job, what NiceHash Miner does is to choose the most profitable option depending on your hardware and maximize your earnings.








The new NiceHash Miner 2 should soon be out of Alpha version and be available for the general public, at the moment it is available for people to test and report issues and bugs...

If you have a question or want to add something, then please leave a comment below.

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I have been using the original one and minergate. I like that I can choose which coin I want to mine with minergate but perhaps nice hash will give better return. My only concern was my malware and anti virus flagged the nicehash


The NiceHash Miner is just a GUI, it downloads popular mining software and uses it for the actual mining process, so it is normal that antivirus software can warn you about potential issues regarding ccminer, claymore, etc...


Nice will check it out.


how much do you earn ?...and in what time?