NHL Update: Ottawa Takes Down The Stars From New York

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Ottawa! OTTAWA!! That's not very exciting. Who knows what the TV executives and corporate front office types think of them eliminating the New York Rangers last night!

The Ottawa Senators celebrate after eliminating the stars from New York!

In a game in which they lead from start to finish the small market Ottawa Senators took out the darlings of New York in a 4-2 victory that has them going to the third round for the third time in their history.

For two of the last three years the Rangers were eliminated on home ice and it is now 22 years since they last competed for the Stanley Cup! All of this happened before some passionate celebrity fans including tennis legend John McEnroe, comedian John Oliver, singer Paul Anka, actress Debra Messing and actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

Erik Karlsson the Ottawa defense man who is their capatain and their star player once again lead the way with a goal and an assist. 

You Can See The Best Parts Of The Game In Just 6 Minutes Here!

How do things stand now? After tonight we'll be down to just 4 teams as the Washington Capitals play the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Edmonton Oilers face off against the Anaheim Ducks in elimination games! 

Keep Checking Here For Hockey Talk and Action From The World's Fastest Sport!

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Go Sens !! Go Edmonton Oil !! Its our last 2 teams to bring the cup back home !! Its been gone for many years sad to say !! 🏒🏒🏒🏒

It should be exciting! Let's see who goes through tonight!

Tonight is going to be awesome !!! 🏒👍🏒👍🏒👍🏒

I think that Edmonton has a great young team. McDavdyi and Dreiseitl are amazing at 20 and 21!

Karlsson's goal to make it 3-1 right after the Rangers' first goal really was huge. The crowd was buzzing after a lackluster opening 30 minute effort by the Rangers. The Rangers' execution on the 4-minute PP in the 1st period from Brassard's high stick on Zucc was terrible, and really set the tone for the whole game.

Hey man a Rangers fan! Sorry about that. It could have gone either way! Are you planning on posting hockey stuff? I'm trying to build the community!

Probably posting only occasionally from here on out in the playoffs. I'm a new Steemer so just getting used to this place.

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