NHL: Battle Scars Accumulate As First Round Rages On!

in #nhl5 years ago

The Action is Fast And Furious In The World's Fastest Sport!

Come playoff time the games are taken to a level of intensity that is unmatched. Desperate teams trying desperately to get out of the first round!

Morgan Reilly of The Toronto Maple Leafs Shows The Battle Scars of The First Round of The Playoffs!

One team, The Calgary Flames is already eliminated! Courtesy of NHL.com

Here is a Link to See a Quick Video Summary of The Games!

Get in the game!


The B's better pick up the pace... I can't stand to think of losing to the Senators!

That would be sad indeed!

It would be downright criminal, I tell ya!!!

Expect it. They in are a decline.

Their best players are definitely over ripe!

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