And Then There Were Eight!

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The NHL Playoffs March on...Well,  April On And We're On To Round Two!

Boston is eliminated in overtime. Photo: Boston Globe

Here's How Things Match Up For The Next Round!

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Check This Link For Short Video Summaries of The Games!

The series all look very evenly matched! Who do you think will move on to round Three?

Happy viewing!



Toronto is out losing 4 games to two. Of the six games played 5 went to overtime!

The Senators??? Fuck, fuck, fuckin fuck!!!!!

who will it be??

St Louis in the west and Pittsburgh or Washington in the east.

Edmonton might just surprise. They have the world's greatest player!

I am not really following the NHL, but living in Vancouver I will say:

I would love to say Ottawa too, but I think it will be the Rangers.


Edmonton is looking good!

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