🏒NHL Margin Contest / Chance to Win Steem dollar 💰/ Boston vs New Jersey 02-11

in #nhl5 years ago

How to play (02112018nhl )

  • First, Upvote the post
  • After, Upvote the comment with your select winning team and the margin you think will occur only one entry per person
  • 75% of the Steem dollar generated from this author post will be shared equally with upvoters that selection the correct result.
  • All participants should do their best to Resteem this post/contest (More upvotes = Higher Reward)
  • Contest lock at 7 pm eastern time 02-11
  • Any post edited after the deadline will be disqualified from the contest (and all future contest)
  • You can find the proof of payouts in my steem wallet
  • Prizes will be distributed after the payout

The Match-up of the day

  • Boston vs New Jersey

Follow and Upvote !! (1).jpg


download.png Win the match by a margin less 2 goals

download.jpg Win the match by a margin less 2 goals

download.png Win the match by a margin more than 3 goals

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Devils less than 2

Good change!

Thank !! I try something new and it give more chance to win !!!

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