DRK , Incorporating Sustainability and transparency into DeFI Ecosystem

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Introduction DRK DeFi Ecosystem

In the past , majority of our investments are being conducted through the brokers and sort of agency services. In this new digital era, the system has completely changed. The internet technology and blockchain technology has changed the entire narratives in the financial investment system . The emergence of blockchain technology has given birth to new digital form investment popularly known as cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency though has not gain global adoption but the industry is very progressive. Global masses has shown a great deal of interest towards adopting cryptocurrency . Millions of investors
globally are investing in Cryptocurrencies and the future is proving to be very good. Despite some huge milestones and success which has been reached in Crypto industry , there still exist some loopholes in the industry . Basically in the area of exchanging all these cryptographic assets. This challenges is one of the major factors hindering institutional investors and more people moving into the industry in masses. There is high rate of insecurity in the cryptocurrency exchanges ecosystem .Almost all top ranked exchanges around the world has been infiltrated by the hackers .
The industry experts are working tirelessly to correct this negative situation and this has contributed to what motivated the team of DRK platform to develop a secured Decentralized crypto exchanges which will put an end to the problem of insecurity .


DRK is a decentralized Digital asset trading platform designed for the masses. The exchange offers professional trading instruments and infrastructures for the Pro Traders and offers simplified trading service for the novice traders. Professionals tools needed to trade seamlessly and successfully are provided in the platform . DRK DEX offers dynamism in their system of trading . It does not limit trading system to cryptocurrencies, rather it integrates Derivatives features , Forex trading Margin trading , Futures trading and more into the platform . Users can chose among the varieties of trading services offers by the platform. Apart from offering varieties of trading services in their platform .

DRK also move ahead to dance with the current trends in Crypto industry known as DeFi . DRK is incorporating DeFi products into its trading ecosystem to facilitate the operational efficiency and serving in the best interest of the platform users and investors. Among the DeFi products they will be offering includes .

(i) CRPTO GAMING SERVICE : It is a gaming platform designed for the masses. Traders and gamblers can play Games in a decentralized platfrorm and win DRD coins . DRK is a decentralized gaming platform powered by smart contract. Games are staked in a transparency platform , the entire program is autonomous and decentralized, hence evading human manipulation.

(ii) CRYPTO LENDING AND BORROWING SERVICE : It is another DeFi product that will be launched by DRK .lending and borrowing service will be conducted through a Decentralized DApps in DRK ecosystem. Users will be able to lend and borrow crypto assets with interest .

(iii) INSURANCE : DRK will offers Insurance services in their platform which will protect the users of the platform against any form of future disaster or uncertainties.

(iv)STAKING PLATFORM :DRK will offer staking platform for the users which will enable users to stake their crypto assets for profits . The staking system will have flexible structure which will enable users to chose amongst the services

(v) DRK Cross Chain Swaps : Among the proposed DeFi product that will be offered by DRK includes cross Swap which will enable different types of cryptocurrency to be easily swapped for another through a powerful DApps .Users will be able to conduct seamless token swap in the platform .

Below are the Solutions offered by DRK

(i) Secured and Cross Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange : EXTONS has developed an highly secured and scalable cryptocurrency exchange which offers efficient and secured crypto trading service . Users will be able to trade different types of cryptocurrency in a healthy and secured trading environment .

(ii)DRK MARGIN AND FUTURE TRADING PLATFORM : DRK enables seamless decentralized trading system in their DEX . Traders can chose among various trading services available in the Platform . Future and Derivative trading system is available in DRK DeFi trading cosystem .

(iii) LUNCHPAD : DRK in other to wipe to tears of global entrepreneurs willing to make impact th industry but lacking means to raise funds for their innovations , DRK has developed a LAUNCHPAD where accredited and innovative blockchain project can raise funds for their projects.

(iv) DRK LENDING PLATFORM : This platform allows users all over the world to lend crypto assets . Users can lend varieties of Crypto asset in the platform

DRK has set up a very good standard in a crypto industry . The team has designed a lot of amazing programs which will benefit the users of the platform . Few of the programs has been discussed above. There are wide range of DeFi products and services which everyone can participate irrespective of their location globally . Var

DRK Official Resources
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