#nftyr loader #1: (phaser) "Original Tyrtro"

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this is loader #1 (out of current 32 , aiming for at least 364 and from there as many logos as google has ...)

"Original Tyrtro"

As it started, when steem looked like it was going somewhere and still around $2-$3 , the concept was "zork on steemit" a.k.a. interactive connected feeds w. commands like !explore and !moveto and whatnot , written mostly in linux bash shell script ... moved to phaser when we found out about phaser and after it got totally wrecked on steemit by the philly connection and ojou-sama and friends, the web-intro (made w/ phaser - by now firefox probably handles the text objects badly as well , at least under certain resolutions ... which got scrapped too because developing for browsers is all tortute and no fun)

spaghetti : Syntax Error
gfx : ZeroDesign
concept (what goes for it) : AlleyCat
loopy : MrMalice (somewhere around the year 2000 originally dubbed "the house of M'horpane" in honour of a d&d campaign with the best dm of all times .... who went for an engineering degree and then after graduating cum laude found it didnt interest him , then picked up law-school but studied in french, not flemish, then won all kinds of preaching contests (thatsnot the word is it), then moved OUT OF HELL ... (as all smart people do) to a country where life is

more possible i suppose

that was good times, and ofcourse #offtopic

Janes Onderground
JoG : home of the NEET slackers (punny ...) - actually made for steemplayer.com at some time since "we were doing it anyway" - not for money ofcourse, that would be criminal .

this is filler uppers but actual content, 100% personal creation , to keep the feed alive at one per week it should last 27 weeks or until we find the bile is further away than skindeep (which it clearly isnt atm) - im sure at some point there will be decent videos but the point is to get the loaders yourself on a working site, all will be clear by 2150 .. or for the site maybe 2050 . It all depends on money , no matter what anyone else says, in this case it does. It doesn not depend on "what other people want" or "what has been analyzed to be the most trendy topic within the last 30 days in an attempt to maximize profits) its #justforfun, we dont provide a service and we ain't selling anything. A creative outlet with an option to win some steem.

former loader posts :

loader #3


loader #4

  1. Fair Tribute (new version)

loader #13

(vimeo) ShoHoven

loader #18

The house of Morgan (new version)

loader #21

Tower of Tweens(sinezit miks)

updates kept at

We have nothing to prove and we are not making money since its #justforfun , no taxorism , ... maybe later when we grow up and can move out of Soviet Helgium to a place where things are possible

manpages :

never mind these, the site will be split and since its unigine now most of the back-end ( = serverside) stuff is in cryogenics and will probably be re-born from scratch in a distant universe ANYWAY)

these need updating but will be used so the posts can be kept short without posting every time for rewardsteem, linked to without moving outside the steemit site etcetera

demovids for #alltingbog got altered as well as dantesladder and hei-tex , all on-site

"*I don't know that i ever wanted greatness on its own. It seems rather like wanting to be an engineer, rather than wanting to design something - or wanting to be a writer, rather than wanting to write. It should be a by-product, not a thing in itself. Otherwise it's just an ego-trip"

Roger Zelazny

yea thats it - - - well

  • giving up is something life will do anyway
  • keep busy
  • dont get caught in one box : they will profile you
  • and #stuff

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