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A very basic website is online at and it will show all Current NFTWAV cards. It shows the #steemmonsters card that has been upgraded to a NFTWAV, it's ID, who Owns the card, and what Set it is from.

NFTWAV website

Bot Upgrade

I upgraded the bot that automatically pays out the NFTWAV Values today.

The upgrade allows #DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) to be paid out. This is the in-game token for @steemmonsters and you can trade it (buy or sell) for STEEMP which is pegged at 1 STEEM, at steem-engine here:

It will be an easy upgrade from here to allow the bot to pay out ANY Other Token on steem-engine.

So currently the Bot is processing the Values given to the Alpha Test Set 1, which are defined at these 2 posts: (daily fixed 0.1 STEEM) (daily fixed 5.0 DEC)

Probably Coming Next

A new Value which will pay out a daily random amount of STEEM while we're in the Range of Dated defined in the Value Post I'll add for this new type of payout.

There will be a chance for a 0 payout, a random payout in a range, or a jackpot payout.

Double Payouts Today

On Upgrade days like today, I'll run the bot in my development computer at 8 PM Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 4) to make sure it is working correctly. Then I'll move the upgraded code to the production computer where it will run Live daily at 10 PM Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 4).

What is NFTWAV?

It is an acronym for Non Fungible Tokens With Added Value. Currently an experimental project that adds Value(s) to existing Steem Monsters cards. There is one Set (Alpha Test Set 1) of cards currently in existence which contains 5 Rexxie cards.

Who owns the cards in Alpha Test Set 1?

Currently they are owned by @ktest, @kiobot, @dearw, @tiamaria, @nftwav

Who created the NFTWAV Project?



Congratulations for creating this new project. Great work.