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What Bugs?

It seems that the Second Value Set (paying DEC) wasn't being processed the last few days because the First one (paying STEEM) expired, and I forgot to tell the program to continue processing in that case. This was fixed early in the day today.

Then at 10PM when the NFTWAV Bot should have paid out the Second Value Set's DEC properly, again it did not happen. This time the issue was with how #javascript handles dates. If you pass an argument to Date() the result is in UTC time but if you call Date() with no argument then it is in local time. Or vice versa - some say it depends on your operating system and browser. In any case, it's easy to convert from local to UTC time, and I've done this in the past but it's been a while so I forgot to check for it when I first wrote this code.

This is how it looks now, in this section of code dealing with this issue:

As mentioned before, the NFTWAV project allows #DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) to be paid out. (STEEM and other steem-engine Tokens too.) DEC is the in-game token for @steemmonsters and you can trade it (buy or sell) for STEEMP which is pegged at 1 STEEM, at steem-engine here:

Coming Next

A new Value which will pay out a daily random amount of STEEM while we're in the Range of Dates defined in the Value Post I'll add for this new type of payout.

There will be a chance for a 0 payout, a random payout in a range, or a jackpot payout.

I expect to get this rolling in the next few days. It's all tested and ready to go. I just have to add it to the NFTWAV Bot.

What is NFTWAV?

It is an acronym for Non Fungible Tokens With Added Value. Currently an Experimental Project that adds Value(s) to existing Steem Monsters cards. There is one Set (Alpha Test Set 1) of cards currently in existence which contains 5 Rexxie cards.

Who owns the cards in Alpha Test Set 1?

Currently they are owned by @ktest, @kiobot, @dearw, @tiamaria, @nftwav

Who created the NFTWAV Project?