Kris T Reeder NFT holders increase by over 3000% in the space of 6 weeks.

in #nft8 months ago

According to and, the number of holders of Kris T Reeder NFT's has increased by over 3000% in the space of 6 weeks. This is a strong indication that there is strong demand for the Jazz musician's NFT's across the NFT space. This demand is expected to increase as more users flock to the ever expanding NFT ecosystem. Experts predict that the space could expand by around 1500% in 2022.

As we repeatedly predicted a while ago in numerous articles on the topic, the crypto eco-system is ever expanding and is on track to grow rapidly over the next 5 years or so. It is inevitable that there will be ups and downs but the space is ever expanding which is only positive news.

Kris T Reeder has been recognised as 'one of 25 of the artists who have engineered the cultural transformation of British jazz over the past four decades' in a seminal book on British Jazz by David Burke ('Giant Steps – Diverse Journeys in British Jazz' (Desert Hearts) by David Burke)



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