Totally California Window Scene

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"Totally California Window Scene" is my new NFT blend through the ArtVndngMchn fine art collection on WAX. Collect the ingredients to make this SoCal CryptoArt at

Here's the backstory behind this artwork, created entirely in the sunny desert land I know as home. While painting the cactus view from the window of our Southern California house in Riverside, I was also thinking about the American Midwest where we came from. The one thing that’s similar about those two lands is the graffiti, which just might be totally universal.

What's an NFT blend? It is a new NFT creation process where you take specific cryptoart tokens you've collected and use them as consumable ingredients to mint the new NFT from a specific blend recipe. Just like when you make a banana shake, where the banana is used up and can't be viewed as a solid banana ever again, in similar fashion, when you use NFT ingredients to make a new blend, the ingredient NFTs are no longer owned by you. They've been used as essential ingredients to transfer ownership of a new NFT to you!

I have made a number of blends and you can collect them all here:


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