NFT Friday: Ferris Wheel

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Welcome to NFT Friday!

Every Friday I'm posting a new NFT on NFT Showroom and showcasing it here!


This week's NFT is "Ferris Wheel"

Back in the day, I'd say 2010 or so, I was compelled by my employer to work a table at our local fair. It's funny how bored one gets at fairs, especially because, unlike the paying customers, I wasn't riding rides.

I used to love rides. One of my favorites was the Ferris Wheel. Something about that bird's eye view excited me. From up top I could see the entire fair, and perhaps a glimpse of the city (or more often fields and forests) surrounding it. All the lights, all the ant-people, all the bustle could be seen from a tiny gondola suspended in an intricate metal cage.

It was almost enough to distract from the safety concerns of missing bolts, carny construction, and lack of seat belts.

Unfortunately, I wasn't a rider whilst working the table. But I could take breaks and get pictures of the lights. I wish I could find the original photo to show the process a bit, but it has disappeared somewhere in the depths of my various hard drives. This is one I made with a Windows app the name of which has been forgotten since multiple upgrades. I usually used a process in which I inverted the night sky to black but the rest of the photo back to the original color, this one I just inverted, because I loved the red.

I tried to reverse the process to get a close photo to the original but I can't seem to replicate it with newer apps!

Anywho, I'm selling 3 editions of this token for 4 Hive each!

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