NFT Friday: Blue Bills

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Welcome to NFT Friday!

Every Friday I'm posting a new NFT on NFT Showroom and showcasing it here!


This week's NFT is "Blue Bills".

You ever get blue bills? You know, when you can't seem to spend your money? Or maybe you're just tense because the economy sucks? Yeah, I know how that feels.

You know who doesn't get Blue Bills? The Federal Reserve!

Sorry, little libertarian humor there.

This is actually a pretty simple image, I'm not sure I did any major editing back in 2019 when I created it. It's a picture I took of the ceiling of my favorite dive bar in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. It's called the Western. If you're ever there, relieve your blue bills and buy a few rounds!

How many and how much? I'm selling 3 editions of this token for 4 Hive each!

Buy it here!

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