Farsite DeFi MMO RTS

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The first teaser of Ethereum 2 #ETH2 game with DeFi powered economics, action-packed space exploration, strategy and trading - visit http://farsite.online for all the details!

Game Design Document has been published to reveal every aspect of the DeFi powered sandbox MMO RTS with player-owned economics based on cNFT protocol:

Congrats on the first White Crate being received by @Sneforious!
Check out the first NFT module fitted on a starter Ship: https://play.farsite.online/u/Sneffie

Farsite NFT Airdrops Campaign Started!
Right pointing backhand index https://farsite.online/?from=twitter

Make your arrangements for journey to a restless Universe where every item is created and owned by players! Unlock starter NFT spacecrafts, fit it with latest weapons, most efficient engines and fanciest cosmetics!

Unlock your Rare or Legendary Spaceship NFT for the upcoming. Every spaceship in Farsite NFT MMO is a unique NFT with one-of-a-kind texture, exclusive colors and specs. Owned by a player and freely traded on the market. Build your NFT spaceship for the upcoming Eth2 game with persistent universe and player-owned economics.

The Story
Our new home. The last hope.

After a series of endemics gone under control led to unprecedented social and economic crises mankind’s best minds were forced to develop a technology to allow for intergalactic flights with the sole aim to isolate species for building a better future.


Survivors managed to travel to the farest places possible, totally unknown galaxies with immediate risks and opportunities yet to be discovered by adventurers. They elaborated the Ethereum 2 blockchain to grant inviolable rights for everyone and minted “Credits” FAR token as the only means of exchange in the new world.

With a limited amount of valuable resources available on Planets and Asteroids, the new socium has an aim to develop and explore in a highly competitive environment. That is the last hope for preserving humankind species.

The new Homestead.

Farsite is a blockchain-powered sandbox MMO RTS game with elements of adventure in a sci-fi setting based on a post-apocalyptic story.

Persistent virtual universe with player-owned and player-controlled economy running in a trustless environment.

Every item in the game is created by a player using materials found by a player. Production requires a Blueprint, Components, a Base on a Planet and some Credits. Components are made from Resources those can be found on Asteroids and Planets or purchased from other players.

Every item in the game is location-dependent. That means if a Resource was mined on an Asteroid it shall be hauled to a production site or a station to be used or traded.

All the items in Farsite universe are owned by players and could be traded freely on the open market. Ownership rights are ensured by the blockchain where every item is a token (NFT) stored in player's digital wallet.

NFT Protocol

Credits is the major and the only in-game currency. Almost every operation in the game requires Credits to be performed. Credits can be converted to FAR tokens (ERC-20) any time at 1 FAR = 1'000'000 Credits ratio. That ratio is hardcoded in smart contracts and will never be changed. FAR tokens could be used to receive the corresponding amount of Credits with the same ratio.

Farsite project is built mainly thanks to support of the community. Where we go from here is far from certain, but we highly appreciate every contribution that helps us keep the decentralized universe well maintained and constantly expanding.

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