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When it comes to space travel, we all think building a rocket will be enough to open the doors to space and land on another planet. Yet in the Universe there are many types of planets, galaxies and constellations that need space travelers and that can adapt to the different environments they want to go to.

While being adaptable is a big plus in these explorations, the other especially important thing before you set off is having a plan for exactly what to do once you arrive at your destination. Planning strategies to develop an ecosystem and then profit from it is one of the cornerstones of MegaCryptoPolis, the blockchain property management game that has been around since 2018.

Although recently MCP3D: World officially announced it will be taking its game to the Multiverse stage, in parallel the teams are also working on another project: Farsite.

This new game will take the form of a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS) in space, is based on the MCP3D model and will be built on multiple blockchain layers, each with a well-defined function. Let’s see how this game was designed and what surprises it has in store for the future!

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