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I do not know how many of you are into the #NFT space, but there are some amazing things happening with Non Fungible Tokens. I personally love #art, and the fact that I can buy it on the #blockchain and have #proof of ownership is so cool! One of my personal favorites is an artist named Vesa Kivinen, and

His work is amazing; check out this badass picture he painted of the #SilkRoad. Half of the proceeds go to the #freeross campaign.


And I mean come on, who does not like #satoshi


For me, #blockhain and #crypto and #cryptocurrency is fun but it has to have #utility. I enjoy buying my #btc and #altcoins but what I find super cool is actual ownership of a digital item. For example, I bought a piece called "Lakshmi," and it is stunning:


One more to show off, just because #southpark is so #badass, who doesn't like #Kenny?


What is even more beautiful is that not only can I frame that art piece, but I can also keep a #digital version of it in my #wallet as a #collectible.

This is absolute proof that I own both the #NFT and the #art, and it makes me feel extremely proud to be able to use the digital version in places like #decentraland and #cryptovoxels, and #secondlife.

If you have not looked into NFTs or art yet, I highly suggest it. It is an art that is undervalued, much like #bitcoin

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