NFL Steem Fantasy League Update (Signup Closed)

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I remember my first post on steemit was regarding football. The post was about Pats starting without Edelman and little did I know the team still went on to play the Super Bowl.

Football is my favorite sport although I hate the consequences it has on players in the long run. The hits are apart of the game and it gets the adrenaline going for both players and fans. I guess the flip side it is safer than overdosing on drugs to get the same affects. Lol.

Apologies for going off tangent. As of today (16) managers are on the roster. I have closed registration.

The manager list:

Steemian NameTeam Name
@milano1113milano1113’s Team
@boatsports90boatsports90’s Team
@full-measuref-m's Splendid Team
@clivingstonChris’s Team
@XXXXXChris’s Choice Team

I have also revised the positions. We now have 2 wr, 1 rb, and 2 flex where originally it was 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 flex. Basically one less player overall but give managers flexibility to go with either more wr, rb, or te.

A reminder draft is this Sunday, August 26 at 5pm PST.

I wish every manager the best of luck.

Thanks again for playing!

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Date of post: 8/23/2018

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Nice job. This will be my first time playing with 16 managers. I’ve done 14 before but never 16. Looking forward to it. Good luck!


Thanks. Hoping everything runs smoothly from here on. Most I have been is 12 so this is interesting to me too.

@mawit07. Thanks for organizing this league. This will be my first experience with 16 teams; I'm excited. We should re-name our league Steemit's Sweet 16, haha kinda gurly but fits the build. Looking forward Sunday's draft.


Thanks! See you Sunday.


Where am I at?


Someone is willing to leave the league. You can enter before tomorrow's draft but I need to know what email address to send you the invite?