NFL Steem Fantasy League Update (Points System)

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I have decided to make a points system with regards to winners and payouts in the League. Thanks to @fuzzmaster for the input the following is a point system for the league. The objective is to earn the most points in the season to earn Steem rewards.

Each week a manager can earn the following:

1 point for a Match Win.
2 points for Winning with the highest margin of victory.
2 points for the Week's Top Score.
(Up to 5 points can be earned by a manager for a week.)

At the end of the season (Week 14 is the last regular season game) there are additional points for the following:

3 points for the Most points scored in the season.
3 points for the Most wins in the season. (If there is a tie both managers earns the full 3 points.)
5 points for winner of a ballot voting among all managers for most deserving. A manager can vote for themselves but in order to win only the manager with the most votes win. (If there is a tie a re-vote among the managers tied to determine a winner.)

For overall points total top 3 earns the following:

First place earns 15 Steem

Second place earns 7 Steem

Third place earns 3 Steem

Then playoffs are Week 15 and 16:

Top four teams compete in the playoffs.

First place earns 5 Steem
Second place earns 3 Steem
Third place earns 2 Steem
Fourth place earns 1 Steem

Finally each week top scorer earns 50% of Steem in the weekly league post payout. This will start with week 1 results post.

A total of 36 Steems and the 16 Steem weekly payouts from me to the league is up for grabs. If anyone would like to donate to the league pot you can send the Steem with a memo mentioning for the fantasy league. Or you can add on to the rewards with your own parameters is acceptable too.

Draft is at 5pm PST, 8/26/2018. See you guys there. Thanks for playing!

Current week 1 schedule match-ups are as follows:


As of now "Chris Choice Team" is still to be claimed. Can the steemain user who owns the team please reply to this post to let me know? Also @full-measure has politely ask to be replaced due to other obligations and @tonyendz can replace him. However @tonyendz I need your email to send link to? @tonyendz hopefully you can read this post before the draft.

If you wish to watch me try to grow my crypto wealth please follow me: @mawit07


Date of post: 8/26/2018

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Nice job with the breakdown. Steem and fantasy football. Solid combo. Looking forward to a good draft!

Thanks @mawit07 for donating the prize money for our league. I will donate the liquid post payouts of my next 4 NFL contests to add to our prize pool as well. My goal is to raise 10 STEEM after expenses. Wish me luck.

Any other donations to me or @mowit07 would be appreciated as well. Thanks everyone and good luck!


I just sent 5 Steem to @mawit07 to put toward the pool


Awesome. I'm trying to get some clarification on if there is a weekly payout from my end or if I'm funding the final pot of manager of the year. He revised my proposal a bit, which is fine and seems easier to follow from a commissioner stand point. The way I read it was that he will give the highest manager points leader 50% of rewards earned from weekly post?

Will Yahoo auto draft for me? I have a previous engagement tonight and I think my wife would kill me if I skipped it. I have set up my draft preferences hoping that it does. If not, I will see if I can find away to sneak away and take my beating from the old lady.

Also, I would like to donate to the prize pool. I will transfer some Steem once I have my Doge converted. I have some transactions that I am waiting for conformation on, but will do it as soon as I have those done.

Awesome! Excited for the draft tonight!