Le'veon Bell Hold out

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When I got to draft first in the fantasy league I went with Bell because I thought he was the best back on the board. What I did not expect was his hold out would get this far. I had hope it would had ended by now. But here we are and Bell is still negotiating.

Come Sunday if he does not play I will essentially lose in my league and as of now I am projected with less than 4 points for playing Bell or I could substitute someone else. I have not been lucky in my recent gambles so may not get this one go my way either.

Do not get me wrong. I do not blame Bell for asking for more money and to better benefit himself financially. He likely earned it for all he has done so far. I personally Bell eve a little t of players deserve to be paid for the effort they put in at being good at their sports. This is in the end like any other occupation. You perform well for the team should then equate to be compensated well. If Bell feels he is b invest undermined or simply not getting his fair share of compensation it is understandable.

I just hope this ends soon just like the recent cryptocurrency market free fall. Can it all be settled and things run smoothly from here on out? I know wishful thinking. Technically speaking Bell can sit out until week 10 and still get paid 15.5 mil for the season. If I was him I would likely hold out until then if negotiations fail.

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Date of post: 9/6/2018

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He won't hold out long, use your backup this week or look for a good backup that might still be available. With it being early a lot of people are not looking at who is available in free agency yet. Good luck!

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I may as well. Terrible play on my part. Will try to salvage week by week. Thanks.


I don’t think it was a terrible play at all. Who could have predicted this non sense? No one in their right mind would pass up LB in he draft despite controversy. Hind sight is alway 20/20. Try to do damage control and once he starts playing he’ll remind you why you were right using your first pick on him.

Good luck today.

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