NFL AFC & NFC Championship Round: Enter to Win SBD

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Here it is ladies and gentlemen. We are down to 4 teams, 2 games, and only 1 team from each conference can make it to the big dance. Now is your time to show your skills by picking the winners from both games and the total number of points scored from both games. I will give you an example below.

You do not have to predict the exact scores of both games. You just have to get both picks correct and be the closest to the total combined points from both games. So for example, in your head if you think both games will end with the score 30-20 you would simply add both score totals, which in this case would be 100 and the teams you think will win. Your entry should look like this....(read below)

Example Entry:

Your entry must be in before 1pm EST Sun Jan. 21st. any entries after that will not be considered as an entry. The person who picks both winning teams and comes the closest to the total points will be declared the winner. Participants must upvote in addition to their team & point entry to be considered.

This is mainly for entertainment purposes so the prize amount will be determined by those who upvote and/or enter, but I will guarantee at least 1 SBD. If the rewards of this post generate a decent pay out I will increase the prize. In the event of a tie, the prize will be split 50/50 (However I do not anticipate a tie, but anything is possible).

Have fun, best of luck to all of you and please...

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