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The NFL kneeling controversy is perhaps the most significant event since Trump was elected president, and since Obama was elected president.

The last two times I can recall such protests burning merchandise was around 1978 to 1979 when people burned their disco records (because they said Disco Sucks) and in 1966 when John Lennon said, (referring to the Beatles) “We're more popular than Jesus.”

This social disorder, going on now, is mostly the result of democrats, socialists, globalists, race baiters and other anti-American troublemakers and malcontents.

While we could discuss this matter endlessly, the damage has already been done to millions of NFL fans across the country.

There's no taking back the damage, insults and pain inflicted by the NFL and it's lamebrain football players.

Below are some of the videos of ex-fans who are burning their NFL gear and memorabilia and telling you (the NFL) why.

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