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I don't really have a horse in the race but just for fun I am rooting for the Titans to pull the upset :) You gotta love what they are doing.

I also wouldn't be surprised at all if Green Bay pulls the upset, gonna go ahead and say I think they will. I think Rodgers pulls some magic out of his helmet and makes enough plays scrambling for his life that they squeak it out.


Who doesn't love an underdog? The Titans are picking up a lot of new fans this week because their story is so good. I wouldn't mind seeing them win it all.

The Packers are always dangerous because Rodgers is a great playmaker. His experience might pull Green Bay through, but the San Francisco defense is ferocious.

Sounds cliche but I think the 49ers pack game will come down to a bounce of the football here or there. It feels like the kind of game where a fumble or tipped ball or something like that is going to end up being the difference. I thought a lot of people were sleeping on Green Bay at the end of the season and here they are one of the last four teams. They match up pretty well with the 49ers I think, both teams with powerful run games and stout defenses. I would probably give the edge to the 49ers on defense, but would give the edge to Rodgers in the QB matchup and again a big play here or there might be all it takes to tip it.

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