NFL Thursday Night Kickoff! Weekly Picks

in nfl •  2 months ago

Tonight we go over who will be the big winners this weekend. I'm just happy we dont have to go one more day with NFL Football games that don't matter.

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Thanks God football is back...

I hope that your picks would take the wins @broncnutz
Are you betting on the games?


Nah...I don’t really bet on games. I do about 2-3 times a year if I really like something. Mostly is the playoffs if anything.

All the football guys I have ever worked with had their minds blown when I would join them in simply pass around a football...even the cockiest guys couldn't hold it in....eventually they would be like wtf man are you a professional quarterback? I would throw the ball FAR right into their arms

and everyday my partners on the US side talk about football and their fantasy leads ...I always wished I got into football...even playing NFL video games I have no idea wtf I am doing another life maybe I was put in that path early on...who knows maybe I would of lost my head early on that path

I totally had Atlanta all the way last night and they did everything they could to lose the game. If it wasn't Matt Ryan missing his throws it was one of the endless number of penalties they took. I think Denver should be a lock for a home win to open the season. The Seahawks are not the powerhouse they once were and I can't wait to see Barkley play. I agree that they will lose the game but it will be fun to watch them let him lose.


Matt Ryan is ass juice! Dude missed so many throws at the end of the game, never even gave the receivers a chance.

Football is very interesting and emoshional game,Everyone watch this great match,your dlive video is very wonderful review of this match,your looking always beautiful and dashing,I always like your video,thanks for sharing,Broncnutz your are rock,

No faith in my Cowboys? Ok I don't know what to make of them either. No Frederick and lots of new wide receivers. Might take some time to get offense going. Defense should be alright. I picked Carolina to win this week too, tough road test to start the new season.

just like my crypto Raiders are Dead
No Mack....old D

i see an ugly year for my silver & black.

You Broncs should wallop Seattle with your D.

great post my brother.

I think the falcons will be the Eagles vikings beat the 49ers ravens beat the bills steelers beat the Browns by 3 point Bengals beat the Colts packers beat the bears redskins beat the cardinals broncos beat the seahawks chargers beat the chiefs titans beat the dolphins Texans beat the Patriots giants beat the jaguars lions beat the jets lions is my favorite team saints beat the buccaneers beat the anthers rams beat the Raiders.

The Seahawks and Broncos game is a little iffy to me. Because both teams will be very different this season (Best of luck #broncos)

I like that joy and enthusiasm @broncnutz let's go with all that is the attitude

My Picks:
Falcons at Eagles: Falcons Win (Live now)
Steelers at Browns: Browns Win
Bengals at Colts: Colts Win
Titans at Dolphins: Titans Win
49ers at Vikings: Vikings Win
Texans at Patriots: Patriots Win
Buccaneers at Saints: Saints Win
Jaguars at Giants: Jaguars Win
Bills at Ravens: Ravens Win
Chiefs at Chargers: Chargers Win
Seahawks at Broncos: Broncos Win
Redskins at Cardinals: Cardinals Win
Cowboys at Panthers: Panthers win
Bears at Packers: Bears win
Jets at Lions: Lions Win
Rams at Raiders: Rams Win

Falcons at Eagles: Live Match Score:

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Watching falcons vs eagles srore 3-3

However, the people who still think these are the Bears of last season are in for a shock, they’re gonna surprise a lot of people this season.....The Bears will best the Packers and it’s gonna be fun to watch, also now with Mack on an already top 10 defense you best believe Rodgers will be running for his life. Defensive pressure can get to any QB no matter how good they are, if enough is applied that’s when pipes burst and mistakes start to happen. Now how will the Packers offensive line stop the Bears defensive pressure, sure you can double team Mack but you can’t double everybody which will leave somebody open one on one.....The Packers will have to pick their poison because somebody’s gonna get thru that offensive line, Mack, Hicks, Floyd, Trevathian, Smith , Kwiatkoski, Bullard etc....take your pick.

Bears 31
Packers 17

tampa bay is starting ryan fitzpatrick

Football days are back very happy.

The Redskins won't let ya down like those choking-ass Falcons did tonight. Sam Bradford is Arizona's QB by the way.

Great video dear friend.

Football is a very interesting and emotional game, everyone looks at this great game, I like your videos and I love that you are a soccer fan it is a very beautiful and exciting sport I like the joy of each person to see this sport is like run for blood greetings friend @broncnutz

A love checking my feed quickly and seeing an OG post right up top. Seeing as I normally watch it the next day, it is a treat.

You can see your excitement and it is great to see you back in your core element. Picking my poor Vikings? Hell yah!

Canadian shout out to the West/West.

Time to enjoy this weekend on a high note :)

Hello sir glad to see you again.This is really awesome.I always wait for your intersting posts.Thanks for sharing.

Your video just awesome . I hope you like watch football game . Really great work . Thanks for sharing @broncnutz

Congratulations my dear steem friend.

Awesome video sir,you are doing a great job.

This is going to be a great match sir.

So excited for the season to finally be underway!

You look strong and confident.

Your video was very beautiful.I like it very much

Woooah great, i love watching video

Great broncnutz

it is to good to read this and watch this

good video friend spreads your good mood will be a great night with good results

Its finally football season!

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