Ex Philadelphia Eagle Headed for Prison? Insider Trading Scandal.

in nfl •  2 months ago

Insider trading has been happening since the days Jesus Christ walked the earth but few power elite have ever paid the price that this Ex Eagle and Super Bowl Champion is facing. #corruption

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corruption is everywhere in this world ohh man .... 😢

That wasn't a wonder that corruption take place every where, but if it cannot touch you that will be the ache for others! Best of luck.

@broncnutz I was SAD back in 1980 When the RULES were Changed on the HUNT Brothers midstream in the Game. If you Look into it and the Silver Game back then how is it that Jamie DEMON is able to Control 10 Times the Silver that the Hunt Brothers ever Controlled ??.............


This country is so corrupt. I bet every single person on Wall st has done something in their career that they should have done jail time for.


YES they have, YOU GET IT, I wish more People did............

Insider trading is a crime but still we cant do anything about it.

You always full of energy boss, from where you got. I am your follower for that and try to be so.

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Even regulations cant stop insider traders sir,we need to bring something more powerful.

Well said friend we need to stop insider trading scandels.

Its great even now we can stop them does these guys go to prison if they were caught.

Awesome 🖒 i like it and thank you 😍😗😍

If this is true, then they deserve punishment or jail or both. But lets be honest, this goes on a lot and I just can't believe all those rich non black folks just aren't getting caught. Those on Wall st and in banking have committed unethical financial dealing actions but don't get punished at a rate that these crimes are happening in my opinion. Fair and equal justice right.

After the dot com bubble we found out numerous companies that cooked their books and managers selling when they knew the ship was sinking. This guy gets caught and admits it. Suspension for the rest of this season. Return next year and start over.

What a surprise..... another knuckle head NFL player in trouble with the law. Nice role models these guys.

Kendricks is a complete moron who ultimately became the fall guy...wonder if he'll rat on his tipster to avoid jail time.

Nice to see you sir speaking against these insider trades as i know lot of them are not aware of it.

great broncnutz! thank you my friend

We need to hang corupted people.

Thanks for your support mr @broncnutz

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Realy interesting video.I love it

Your video is very important for our.I like it very much

Greed is the root of stupidity. To go out and do this when he already makes so much money is such a moronic thing to do. How cool is he going to feel when he is playing in the prison leagues? What a clown. He deserves what he gets.

Well in sports everything happens behind the doors :(

nowadays we are full of corruption everywhere it is sad and regrettable

excellent video @broncnutz and nothing surprises us there is too much corruption that pays the one who has to pay

Of course I am against inside trader but it seems this penalty is excessive compared to other cases against higher ups on wall street..

Nice info man !!

Everything and everywhere is corrupted specially wall street is a big manipulation hub.

@broncnutz, very strange such type of issuses are every where, i was in impression that we he are in some countries only facing it,
in even every step

Great news if we headed to prison huge manipulation around stocks and crypto.