Nexus delivers a NEW LLD Wallet update with staking improvement!

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Nexus delivered on a new LLD wallet with improved staking!
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Nexus promises to deliver a decentralized internet, scale-able 3D blockchain and has some very promising connection to the micro satellite rocket industry with Vector Space Systems!
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Last night I downloaded the new and improved LLD wallet from, which replaced my recently unsupported Oracle wallet. Since I am NOT a technical expert on staking or the inner workings of the Nexus system, I will recommend you visit their site or slack channel to pick the brains of the professionals!

I typically leave my wallet open and staking all the time with more than the recommended 1000 Nexus minimum, to take greater advantage of their staking system.

My experience with the previous Oracle wallet was pretty simple. The GUI is nothing to brag about (Tritium wallet will fullfill the need for a pretty wallet, see image below) but it is functional and keeps my Nexus safe and staking (if possible). Since I have nothing else to base it off, I would consider my results of staking to be "meh". I would get Trust or Genesis payments to my wallet daily, but the amounts were so low, that I was rewarded with barely a full Nexus after weeks of staking. Since I am a believer of the Nexus vision, I figured even a fraction of a Nexus would be worth 10X in a year, so I would be happy with my fractional payments.

Tritium Wallet
tritium wallet.jpg

After backing up my current wallet.dat to safe location, I downloaded the new LLD wallet and also the Recent Database to speed up the blockchain syncing process. I deleted the old Oracle wallet and copied over the new files (Thanks to Shea in the slack channel for his help.) Once the syning process was complete, I took a look at the new wallet..... besides a slightly cleaner look and the addition of a Nexus logo, nothing new to see. It's clear that Colin and Brian are saving their sweat equity for the Trinity release and I'm fine with that.

I immediately noticed a few things that made me happy I updated!

The number of network connections increased from 6 to 16! I'm sure this will mean more bang for my buck.

I also noticed that the interest rate increased rather quickly from .5% to .505% in a few hours. I had only previously seen this increase above .5% one time in my experience, which reached .7% for a short run.

Without being able to fully understand how that gives me more Nexus, it does! I will continue to monitor the the payment amounts and frequency while running the new update over the next few weeks.

For monthly tech updates the Nexus team has started a monthly newsletter.

Visit the Nexus Facebook group:
Connect with Nexus on Twitter:

I hope this article has helped some of you. Please feel free to donate me Nexus if it has helped in any way!

Nexus: 2RAchnNpT6BFps4kULmuCWcscVDG15tvcvUf1dsUsdFxfxgNkC6!

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At this time how much can you stake in a day with 1000 in the wallet?


are you asking how much payment can you receive in 24 hrs of staking with 1000 nexus?


Minting rate (ie, interest rate) starts at 0.5% per year and increases the longer you keep your node operational and staking key active, up to a maximum of 3%.

Rate increases on a logarithmic curve, so it is faster at the beginning. You reach 1% after 23 days, and 2% after a few months, then it slowly increases to 3% after a full year.

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