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Cryptocurrencies are all the rage now, and another "something-coin" in a long list of similar projects does not sound like a big deal anymore. However, the competition forces every new cryptocurrency to have an edge over the rival projects. For Nexty Platform, the edge is easiness to use. The early cryptocurrencies were far from practical as means of everyday payments, they were designed by geeks, used by Internet adventurers as risky but rewarding investment tools, but that’s it. Nexty is not like that.

What was bad about the old cryptocurrencies?

There were few things that made the old cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum what they were: niche tools for hackers and adventurers who were willing to risk their money. First, it was the unstable, the rapidly rising exchange rate that caused the cryptocurrency boom worldwide by attracting the fame and infamy of a "get rich quick scheme that works" to Bitcoin. But what is good for shady characters, is bad for a legitimate businessman who wants to run a normal business online.

Second, it is the slowness with which Bitcoin and Ethereum operate. One transaction can last for hours and days. Third, it’s the transaction fee. It is not very significant if you are an exchange gambler who only needs two transactions: buy low and sell high, but when you try to use the old cryptocurrencies as a day to day payment method, it becomes crippling.

Hence, the demand for a cryptocurrency that does not have these drawbacks appeared, and now this demand is met by Nexty Platform.

What’s "Next" in Nexty?

As we said, Nexty Platform is a form of cryptocurrency that is easy to use for day to day needs, especially the day to day needs of a budding online business. But why "Platform"? It is called a platform because it is more than just another blockchain currency: it is, in fact, two cryptocurrencies, one main (NTY) and one auxiliary (NTF); there is also a larger pNTY unit (1 pNTY = 10,000 NTY) for convenience.

What is it for, and what benefit does it give?

•Rapid transfer. The technology eliminates the long wait periods during transactions, money arrives the second you send it;

•Completely free transfer. This is actually what NTF is for; it handles the transfer mechanism, and the Nexty software automatically performs all the required manipulations to keep the system afloat without spending NTY;

•Predictable prices. The dual coin system eliminates the sharp, drastic rate changes that made the Bitcoin infamous; Nexty is near-useless for an Internet adventurer seeking to double his capital quickly but convenient for its target audience.

The NTY and pNTY units are the main ones intended to be used by the end user; the NTF unit is auxiliary and handled by the automated software, the average businessman using Nexty does not have to know or care how NTF works. However, NTF can be mined as well, and this is encouraged because it enhances the stability of the system.

The target user of Nexty Platform is an average owner of an Internet-based start-up business who does not know or care much about blockchain or cryptocurrencies. Everything in Nexty is optimized for it to be easy to use for such an entrepreneur, rather than for a crypto-geek.








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