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Signed up for couple days ago and have been hard at work upgrading my skills and planet. Although I have not reached the tech level to start interacting further into space I'd like to share my experience and thoughts so far.


The site's user interface seems flawless to me so far. I have been using both mobile and PC interfaces and I'm blown-away bye how bug free and seem-less it is. The buttons all work as expected, timers are accurate, the layout of the drop-down menu's allow for smooth transitions from section to section allowing for very efficient navigation. Very impressed with the UI.


The game itself is pretty pioneering in my opinion as its not like anything I've played or seen and to try and explain it in a review would be a bit futile, but its sorta turn based strategy on steriods. Develop your planets resourses research better methods of building and mining, survive and build a fleet. But exploring combat and a lot more aspects really bring other aspects that really get the excitement going. Game-play so far is so very refined I was very pleasantly surprised as everything is so synced and smooth. The timers all sync up with your resource output, so your not waiting for one thing while huge amounts of other resources stockpile/burn. The timers and mine output line up and everything upgrades smoothly together with build-times. Very impressed.


A very enjoyable game so far, and I'm expecting it to keep on grabbing more and more of my attention. If you haven't already definitely take a look at as its very addictive!

Thanks for reading,


thanks for the breakdown, I have been looking at playing it, but haven't jumped in yet. Might give it a shot when I get a chance.

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