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Dear all,

As the title says, I'm selling a second planet, this time one with an uncommon atmosphere:

The planet is listed on the market place for 35000 SD, and I'm open to any other bids. The planet is fully developed for producing Dreadnought Royal ships, and the mines and depots are well upgraded.

How does it work?

If nobody is interested in this planet before the payout time of this post, I will burn it, and the planet will be forever removed from the game.

If anyone wants to have it, either you buy it immediately from the marketplace, or you may submit an alternative bid in the comments. The highest bid will win it, but I reserve the right to refuse bids that are ridiculous low.


I am again here, with 12K bid, but I wish you are able to sell this one too on your market price.

bid registered. Thanks for your interest in my planets!

We have a winner! @r1s2g3, please contact me for the transfer.

12K SD sent on your steem-engine wallet.

I sent you the planet. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Are you interested in more planets in this region? Very close to this one I have two others, at 1 space distance one from the other...

Actually your "gift planet" command failed, so it still should be in your inventory.

All should be fine now, can you check?

yup. Thanks.

How much you get for burning this planet?

@martie7: 10k SD if burned

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