Next Colony map updated - fleets, colors, labels.

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I've updated Next Colony map with new features - Link.

Player & Territory paint

It is possible to paint the territory and players on the map:

Use Players or Territory button. Territory is based on explorations.

The color of each player is based on hashed nickname pseudo-randomly.


"Players" button now, not only paint users with different color but also shows nicknames on the map. In some place it can get messy, so you can close labels with "Labels OFF". Zoom IN/OUT is possible if something is unreadable. When using flight radar it is needed to close labels to see on-hover ships labels (happens automatically).


Do you wonder how many ships are ready, waiting in the opponents shipyards? You can make complex review with "Fleets" button, that loads needed data and shows as numbers on labels:

Remember that user can turn ON/OFF different datasets on the map to see more clearly data she/he needs. Just click on the legend.

One run of the "Fleets" function is cached so it can be run again with instant result.

To see what kinds of ships are ready at shipyard, click the planet.


  • Flight radar bug was fixed (deploys and supports had wrong ship position on the route due to api difference)
  • Data is dynamic, almost no cached planets/explore points, waiting for api changes.

To do

Having some plans, but not sure.. any ideas?


That's realy great! Thanks :)

nice feature! 😉👍

Thank you for the helpful card.
The graphical presentation is very good and helpful for the game.

cool stuff and you're far away from me