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RE: That's one small step for a team, one giant leap for Steem

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Hello, @nextcolony
First of all, congrats for successful planet auction. :)

I have one question btw,
Where is the @mancer-on-alt 's winning bid transaction log?

I clicked the TX link you uploaded, and it says an error occurred.
So I just went to steemd to check @mancer-on-alt' s bidding history,
and I can not see any log that he bid planet ID "1004" for 1,500 STEEM.


Between block number 31,845,372 ~ 31,845,374(which created at 20:00:00 UTC), all I can see for bidding planet Id 1004(Zyklop) is @mustard-seed's 1,437STEEM bid.

So, long story short,

Where is @mancer-on-alt's bidding log
for planet ID 1004 for 1,500STEEM?

I will be much appreciated if you show me a solid log.

Thank you :)


The block was slightly before the range you looked for. manner-sm-alt raised the bar quite a bit and mustard-seed'sbid was then too low at 1,437 Steem.

Hi @proof-of-work,
I do not know why the link is not working, but this should be the right one:
Best regards,

Aha. Now I see.
I was attending for that auction in live and thought he took all three auction. It was quite impressive for a while until the final result adjusted by admin.

Can I ask one more question?

I'm interested in your project and want to ask about some details.. But not in public.

If you have a discord or telegram for CS,
Please let me know your contact.
I will write you in a moment.

Thank you :)

you can contact me on Discord via @rondras#2025

Thanks for the error message @proof-of-work and thanks for the clarification @rondras!
There was only one number too many at the end of the series. I will check this 4 times in the future.
I edited it in the article.

Sorry for the mistake.

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