[NextColony] Updates with my NextColony account. (feat. Became Top #3 ranker + Battlecruiser ready to produce)

in #nextcolony5 years ago (edited)

Long time no see Steemit & NC friends!
How's going with you guys?
Hope everything is good. :)

It's been more than 2months already since NC launching,
I realized that I haven't post any decent NC post.
So I decided to write a post, simple but decent recap.

Here are few updates with my NextColony account.

201906271027 proof-of-work NextColony Ranking.png

Rank 3, Production rate is decent imo,
Bought some planets pretty early w/ bulk buy.
Production rate is not a sufficient condition to Rule this universe,
but it does effect to one's battleship production,
so pretty important to keep it high as possible.
(*Destroyed ships at Rank 2. @Rivalzzz is doing massacre his neighborhood, I'm not even close to it ^^;)

201906271021 proof-of-work NextColony Skilltree.png

This is What I am happy about the most recently.
Battlecruiser skill lvl. 20, finally.
Was busy with my work recently so could not upgrade those battleship skill lvls diligently, but somehow I managed to make it Okay.

Time for producing Battlecruiser, Yess! :)

201906241022 proof-of-work NextColony Blueprints.png

Buying few Blueprints of Battlecruiser Lion.
More Battlecruiser, more strength, no?
It will double up the production of this battleship.
(*Shipyard requirement = lvl. 18. Just to let you know ^^)

201906271023 proof-of-work Nextcolony My Items.png

About to apply these Blueprints to few of my planets.
Make sure to notice that each bluepritns apply to a single planet, each. (Individually)
This is a bit tricky part, but understandable for

  1. Preventing the user taking whole advantage for applying just a single blueprint item.
  2. This way the dev team can earn some more Steem & get themselves more coffee and doughnuts. :)

Bluepritns are selling with limited amount, so it will become rarer as time passes, I reckon.

Yup, that's it for today.
Have some more stories to tell,
but time is limited to do so.

Hope to see you guys around soon with my next post.

Stay tuned,
Have a nice day! :)


Hello, proof-of-work! I see your ships spitting havoc on my planets. If this was intended to be a message, it was not needed. You just need to tell me, and I will take care to be implemented...

jcar토큰 보팅합니다.

감사합니다. ^^

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