Yamato starts on November 15th

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Many settlers and raiders have waited a long time for this and some even thought it might never happen - but now the date has finally been fixed. The huge module Yamato, which contains the rewards, will start soon. The countdown has started.

It is always pretty hard to fix a date and calculate the exact amount of coffee and donuts we need, but we have successfully achieved this twice already. We therefore dare to set ourselves a deadline now for the third time - and it feels good, it feels right.

Here is the final date...

Yamato starts on
November 15, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

Yamato is quite an extensive module. Maybe the biggest module so far.

We thank all settlers and raiders for their passion, loyalty and patience. We are thrilled to see hundreds of fights and thousands of explorations every day. You guys rock!

What exactly Yamato is, we will reveal over the next few weeks. But one thing we can tell you: for sure you will need a lot of battleships. Expand your fleet now to be optimally prepared to participate within this module and to earn STEEM.

The reward pool currently amounts to
approx. 50,000 STEEM

Spread the news. Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, and all your colleagues about the date.

You want free Stardust?

Just resteem this post and earn 100 Stardust tokens. Stardust will be transferred to your account after the payout of this post on October 14th.

Stay tuned.


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Thanks for your support! (:

OMG! Lot of battleships? Wonderful!! :-)

SteemMonsters trembling!?

Just kidding.

Now I didnt know nextcolony was developing a reward program💰😱

This is f####king good news.

IMO it was like collectible trade assests as planets to be sold.

This is a SO game changing WHOLE STEEMM announcement.

So the question is

Where to buy Stardust?

Yes! :)

You can't buy Stardust from us.

  • You can buy Stardust from a player. Use the transfer function to trade Stardust with other players. Check out the #trade channel on our Discord server

  • Stardust is linked to purchases in the shop. You will get 100 STARDUST for every 1 STEEM you spend in the shop. You can find your Stardust in your wallet.

  • (soon) You have the chance to find small quantities of stardust while exploring deep space. This makes explorations much more valuable. If exploration wasn't successful and your explorer returns safely, i.e. has not been lost, you have the chance to get stardust.

I fear the peace we have achieved in our little area is now at great risk. Guess it is time to prepare for the worst.

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Don't be afraid. You'll like it.

I'm so far from battleships!

Me too.
I'm building up skills but I still focus on explorations.

Me too. I'm building
Up skills but I still focus
On explorations.

                 - isarmoewe

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Good work!

I will like to see a official alliance grouping so that alliance can take part together and some practical usage of stardust.


This is on the list.

I've got a lot of work to do, I've got a lot of ships to build. It looks like the Yamato module will be a quantum leap for the game and I don't want to be left behind.

Good idea. :)

Nice. I got the ships, I got the planets, I got the skill - but I got no bots.

Bring it on!

for sure you will need a lot of battleships.

Top players will be happy.

So you'll be happy.

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