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The day has finally come – the first Yamato season has started. This means that after many months of preparation we will now start to pay out rewards to our players.


The first season will run from the 15th of November 2019 until the 15th of December 2019.

We have explained the reward mechanism in previous posts, but as a short reminder:

  1. If you upgrade a Yamato ship, you will get Upgrade Reward Points (URP) equivalent to the amount of Stardust, which was used in the upgrade. However, the URP will only be rewarded at the end of the season when the Yamato and its respective Tier is still alive. So it does not help to build a Yamato and upgrade it – you need to keep it safe and alive until the end of the season.
  2. If you destroy an opponent’s Yamato in a battle, it will be downgraded by one Tier and you will earn a share of the URP of the downgraded Yamato, which will be counted as Downgrade Reward Points (DRP). The share of the URP you earn as DRP is defined by the Leach rate, which can change from season to season. For the first season, we will start with a leach rate of 50%. These points are earned instantly when the battle is won and are therefor not at risk anymore. Generally spoken, it can be said that the higher the leach rate, the more attractive it is to hunt other player’s Yamato ships.
  3. The third way how you can receive reward points is by getting a Yamato deployed from another user. If a Yamato is deployed from one player to another player, the receiving player will receive a share of the former owners URP, which are related to the Yamato. At 100% deploy rate, the receiving player gets all of the original UPR, while at 0% no URP are transferred. If the Yamato is transferred or defeated later on, the amount of URP or DRP for the winning or receiving player is calculated based on the original URP of the ship. In such a case, the URP of the player which received the Yamato from somebody else in the first place, might become negative. This means that the lower the Deploy Rate, the higher is the incentive to upgrade Yamato’s only at one player instead of cooperating with other players. For the first season, we will start with a deploy rate of 30%.

A fully upgraded Yamato at level 20 is a monster of a ship – a true wonder of the universe. However, to get there, you will need to spend a lot of Stardust and other resources. So chose wisely, if it is better to upgrade many Yamatos to a lower Tier or just one to a high Tier – both strategies might be successful.
The following table gives you an overview of the Stardust, which is necessary to upgrade a Yamato to a certain Tier. As you can see, with one single Yamato you can earn as much as 609,400 URP – this is more than 6000 Yamatos Tier 1 – and more than 60 Yamatos Tier 10.


We would expect a lot of Stardust to be burned during the Yamato seasons as players will hunt for rewards.

Talking about rewards…. In Season 1 we will distribute a total of 6800 Steem and 447,000 Stardust to the first 20 players, with the following distributions:


Distributions will change from season to season and we will most likely also reward more than 20 players in some future seasons. Also, the total distribution might change from season to season.

As you most likely will remember, we had promised to distribute 30% of all income as rewards to the players. As of now this adds up to 68,770 Steem. We will round this to 70,000 Steem, which is the guaranteed reward pool, which we will distribute in any case. This will last for at least 10 months, assuming that we will keep the reward rate as in season 1.
Going forward, we will unfortunately have to discontinue the hard link of the reward pool to our income. The reason for this is the fact that our income is exclusively in Steem, while most costs such as server and developer costs are in USD or Euro. With the low Steem price, this has become problematic and nobody knows what the Steem price will be in a year’s time. Does this mean that we will no longer pay-out Steem rewards once the guaranteed reward pool is empty? No, it doesn’t. We strive to continue the rewards as before but think that it is prudent to stop promising this for all future periods.

But now we wish you all good luck with the first season – may the best and mightiest player win!

Stay tuned.


I have a lot of respect for the amount of details you are going for. There is a unique appeal to this type of game play. it probably isn't mainstream. But I like to that as an advantage. There will be more player loyalty that way.

That is a pretty nice and motivating compliment.

Thanks, @d-zero! (:

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that :)

Let it rain and the dust wash away of the rusty ships in the universe which were standing still up until now.

Beside the 20 first players rewards, what will happen to the rest of the universe? No rewards for the others...?

yeah that doesn't seem right...

"Distributions will change from season to season and we will most likely also reward more than 20 players in some future seasons. Also, the total distribution might change from season to season."

The top 20 players will get rewards directly from us in this season. Bigger teams will have much better chances. You might get a share too if you join forces with others or support someone. We leave the indirect redistribution of the rewards up to the players and alliances.

Let's make a season based on alliances and teamwork, but have no way to actually create an alliance or chat with any of the boys in the game.


There are already a couple of alliances and all of them have their own Discord server.
You can join the official Discord server to get more informations about the existing alliances.

If I just make some damage Yamato, then I won’t get any rewards?

You will have to kill one to remove a tier and get rewards.

Like a piñata?

...or like an onion.

I don't understand everything with Yamatos ... I'll have to re-read your posts :-)

Do that. And if there is questions remaining - just ask or join us on discord.

O that's Great

The Force is strong with this one. Now you will taste the might of my armed and fully operational battle station... as long as nobody finds it while it's upgrading.

This is going to be very exciting! We will wacht the season rankings closely.

Best of luck to all for this season.

Yes! (:

Can we continue use Yamato ships with upgrading after the first Yamato season? Or all Yamato ships must be erased or downgraded to initial level - What's your plans?

Yamatos will be reset to Tier 0.

Game just went into high gear! Congratulations on this release!
Now if I could get my hands on a Yamato........I hope for prices to come down!

Thanks, @oldoneeye! (:

"In the end, the market will decide."
Frances Beinecke

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