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NextColony Teaser 1

The launch was successful. Hundreds of ships left the uninhabitable, destroyed earth a few hours ago. At the moment it is not clear whether all humans succeeded in escaping from the earth. We can only hope.

After a flight of several months through the undiscovered depths of space, the settlers have finally discovered their planet. Planet Alpha.

It can't be ruled out with certainty that there are other living beings on the planet, but that is secondary for the time being.

The planet is small and raw, but it seems to be the only way out for the settlers. The most important thing now is to found the colony and upgrade the buildings. For the time being only survival counts.

Launch in numbers:

  • So far a total of 586 settlers have found the planet Alpha and are already colonizing it.

  • Since the launch, 586 settlers have completed over 28,555 transactions.

  • The shop is sold out. The settlers are waiting for the next supply.

  • A total of 38,494 STEEM were achieved with 9 planets during three auctions.

  • The reward pool currently amounts 12,827.4 STEEM (30%).

  • We've sold the most expensive digital collectible on the Steem blockchain ever for 10,005 STEEM.

The most important next step on the roadmap is the Battle module.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all settlers. Also we would like to thank the owners of the nine uranium legendary planets for the fast and uncomplicated payment. You rock!

The team is now prepared and has secured the coffee and donuts ration for the coming months. Now it's up to us to work through the roadmap consistently to give you an incredible game. It's an honor for us.

Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, and all your colleagues about NextColony.

Join the official discord server now.

Resteem to the moon.

Stay tuned.


Those are some insane figures.

I get the feeling already that teams rather than just pure $$$$$ are going to be essential for success here!

And I like the way time to build and resource release delays limits the power of capital investment. It seems like a great way to prevent any one wealthy individual from dominating the game.

Great work, cheers!

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You bring it exactly to the point, what we implemented here with great effort. Thank you for honoring our work.
Your appreciation is the most important motivation besides coffee and donut.

First, congratulations =)
And the servers are now running fine, at the start they were a bit erm shaky ^^

Will there be a better mobile version later on? Yesterday I was a bit confused trying to play it on my mobile xD (it works but it's erm yeah let's just say that it works xD)

Thank you very much for your kind words. The server is not the problem, we're well set up. We now have to implement the API. So we have solved the problems of accessibility. We will work hard on the speed. This will certainly take a few days.

Congrats :) I am gonna stay with @steemmonsters, however every successful game on the Steem blockchain is a win for all of us!

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Thanks, Martin! :)
Every game on the Steem blockchain needs some love! :)

Every good game, and I am sure yours belongs into this category! :)

Das ist sehr nett von Dir! :)

Wooo and it works well indeed!
I'm looking forward to see how the game evolves. For now, my mission is to gather as many resources as possible :)
I also plan to write a review on NextColony, but I want to experience some more of it before, he-he.

This sounds great! I'am looking forward to it. :)

Please submit your app to @therealwolf's and become the number one Dapp in the world @nextcolony!

@drugwars is an Epic Fail for launching their FUTURE coin on a non-Steem blockchain @themarkymark.

Hmm just logged it but can't do anything, also just joined your discord and can't see anyone in there of join any channels

nvm got it sorted now :)

I stayed up late for the launch only to be greeted by recurring steemconnect notice. Still retrying up to this hour.

@adamada join our for more technical support (:
make sure you have clear your cache and cookies.

Nice game! Already working out my empire and anxious to understand the fight mechanics!

Im still to noob of course! But i hope my time on Ogame paids!

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Sounds great. We're glad.
NextColony is a great gaming experience even without OGame skills (:

Yes i know, but experience always help! I hope to see new things coming!

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You miss a link to the game :)

True. Done. Thanks. :)

It was great launch party yesterday, congrats!
So far I like the game mechanics very much. Good luck everybody!

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Thank you.That was our goal, too. We appreciate your words. (:

The videos and reports from the beta testers look tempting. (I have to admit it!)

Thank you. You have to play it @isarmoewe (:

Who says so? ;)


it was fun yesterday evening :) to see so many peoples interacting on the blockchain ( huge numbers of Tx's so far ) and spreadinf the words in the discord.

Yes, it was really very nice to see how many people arrived. We appreciate that.
Thank you also for your support (:

Most expensive collectible on Steem. Nice achievement.

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Definitely! :)

It’s a great start @nextcolony and I’m sure that there will be more people willing to participate soon, well done!

Thank you @serkagan (:
We are very happy about the start and are looking forward to the exploration of Galaxy. Hope to see you in the game.

Such a great game already my favorite on steem amd seems sustainable.

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Thank you very much for your support (:

it was a great start, I had much fun chilling in the Discord till 1AM and upgrading my Skills & Buildings :P

Its nice to see that the Severs now run probably!
I wish all survivals from planet earth good luck!

Nice, thanks! See you in-game. :)

I can't buy a legendary planet, but i hope buy in future o find in the Galaxy ahahah

Sounds like a great plan (:

Ist es erlaubt, nextcolony mit verschiedenen Accounts zu spielen? (Multiaccounting)

Verbote funktionieren auf dem Steem nicht. Mache das, was Du für Dich für richtig hältst. Das ist die einzig halbwegs vernünftige Antwort, die ich Dir auf diese Frage geben kann.


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Hi guys, I already like the game is what we can use screenshots to promote the game. Long live you

Thanks! Good question. Yes, you can use screenshots of the game and make videos. Also here is more stuff:


Is it only me who still gets the steemconnect error?

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Check the comments above.
Or head directly to their Discord server:

I am also getting it

We just uploaded an update, so please clear your cache and delete cookies. Thank you (:

Vorwärts immer, Rückwärts nimmer :)

Attacke Hüh !

Mit diesem unglaublichen Rückenwind geht es jetzt noch leichter. :)

Danke für alles, Benny! :)

I really like the fact that there isn't any instant upgrades. It makes you stay on top of you upgrading your operation versus automatic upgrades. I can't wait to start exploring for more planets. Good game!

Thank you very much. Yes, that was also our intention.

Nice to see new game on STEEM BLOCKCHAIN!
I really like to play browser games and i just start my journey in Nextcolony.
I hope so i will fast pick up how good play this game!

We are pleased that you will also become a settler of the new planets.

Thank you (:

The game lags a little, for me each transaction (i.e. upgrading) takes a several seconds. Is this going to be fixed?
The prices in the shop were surprisingly high. 99 Steem for a 10% Booster? Really?
Also the increment in upgrading the base (1% reduction of the upgrade times) is quite small.
And 5h production time for an increase in Coal production by 0,5%? This will take ages.
The rankings I can only see up to rank 100. Hope to see this changed soon.
Apart from that it looks very promising!

Now we have to implement the API so that we have almost solved the availability problems and everything runs faster. We are working hard on it. Give us a few days.

Gut Ding braucht Weile :)

Ich würde noch gerne ergänzen: Wir schreiben auf die Blockchain, d.h. Du hast immer ein paar Sekunden Wartezeit. Das entschuldet aber nicht die langen Ladezeiten aktuell, die nur via einer API gelöst werden können. Eine ad hoc reagierende Seite umzusetzen mit einer Datenbank und ohne Blockchain wäre sehr einfach. Versuche mal eine Transaktion bei den CryptoKitties (Ethereum) zu vollziehen, da wirst Du bekloppt. Ehrlich, mach das mal.

Wir können mit der Steem Blockchain ganz anders arbeiten und sind aktuell bei 9-11 Sekunden, vom Klick, über das Kommunizieren mit der Datenbank, dem Schreiben auf die Blockchain und der Ausgabe des Ergebnisses. Wir arbeiten uns Sekunde für Sekunde runter. Aber: Es wäre auch nicht verkehrt uns eben nicht mit Blockchain Games zu vergleichen, sondern mit Games im Allgemeinen, denn da müssen alle Blockchain Games hin. Das ist legitim. Mit dieser Blockchain können wir dem prinzipiell sehr nahe kommen.

Danke für Deine Geduld!

Successful connections to the game

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We are happy about that. Now nothing stands in the way of the new settlement and colony formation (:

Bin dabei

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Sehr gut. Möge der Bessere / die bessere Allianz gewinnen (:

This may end up replacing other blockchain games as a place to spend freetime for me. Will give it a try soon

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Sounds like a plan @crypticat (:
Thank you.

Blockchain games should work as a team. :)

It took me some time to get thru the menues of the game to understand what is going on as I am not a gamer.

But so far, it looks very nice and I am looking forward how the game is evolving.

Thank you, Peter. Yes we have implemented a tutorial in the meantime. This should make the start easier.
Nevertheless, we're glad that you become a settler and discover the galaxy.

Congratulations on the launch.
Whilst I had a little trouble getting on, it was nothing I did not expect .

Great job on the game , it looks good.

Now just need to skill up and build so I can start exploring!

Have an awesome day guys!

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We thank you for your support @mickvir
We are committed to making it easy for everyone to understand and play.

That's great! It is cool to see that Steem's project are going higher and higher with professionality.
I have my fingers crossed for this project @nextcolony!

Thank you but can you cross your toes, too. For the big colonization.
Let's let the stardust fly.

the launch was cool and everything works like a charm... I am very happy to be part of this from the start... sad that the shop is already empty, lol... could use some resources for building. But it does indeed prevent that people just buy their way to the top. There are some boosts and extras available but its not possible to just throw money at it and "rule the galaxy" (except maybe shilling out 30k Steem for 3 legendary planets, lets see, only time will tell) but everything looks amazing so far

Yes, that was a priority for us right from the start. Patience pays off. (:
Thank you for settling new colonies with us.

The Discord server link in the game expired. I suggest adding a link that doesn't expire. The enhance buttons to upgrade skills take lots of pressing on mobile before it responds even with desktop mode.


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WOW! how come I missed the beginning of this game?! and I remember I saw it before...couldn't understand nothing... or couldn't find anything to play with... :} Am I dreaming!! Looks hyper cool! :D

ps. I already have some produce :)

It's hypercool and intergalactic. It's great that you also go on an exploration tour.
Thank you @trayan

Yes, thank you too! ;)

Working smooth now :) great potential here

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Thank you @cehu. Yeah, we're working hard on it.

can't wait to see some numbers that are lucky to be witnessed by many people

Sounds great. Right now, 1389 settlers are colonizing new colonies and arming themselves (:

I have no idea what I've just read :P

You have to play (:

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These are great News. Thanks.

GRATZ Oli, you guys sold the most valuable asset on Steemit so far - this is a historic moment!!!

This is team work! :)

"this is a historic moment!"

It is!

Together let’s experience life in the outer space!!

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Prepare yourself for the upcoming events! :)

Are you looking for any creative writers to help flesh out your story and/or copyeditors to help proof the story that's there and/or writers for your FAQ? I have questions about the benefits of skills, and there aren't answers on the site. If I had the answers, I'd happily help write them up!

A video tutorial bounty is currently running. It's not a bad idea to do a bounty for writer afterwards. Just visit to the Discord server. We'll probably do it in May.

Excellent! And I see the numbers now. I may have to check out the video bounty.

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I just realized you stopped using your PENIS logo.
I hope i didn't miss any Drama. haha

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