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We kicked off a pretty crazy trip with NextColony. Our pace is enormous and has reached a completely new level due to the increase in the team.

The first auction was a complete success. In numbers this means:

The first auction achieved 4066 STEEM

Since the request to receive more information, we're fulfilling this now. We're gonna provide a small extract and roughly sketch the roadmap. Rough because the roadmap is constantly developing.

Okay, let's see what we have done and where the future is going to.

The first four modules are done and ready. The modules Fleet and Research are hugely extensive and are currently being implemented. In addition, we’re moving to a new server, fixing bugs and polishing the details. In this article, I leave out the technical details.


  • Buildings ✓
  • Shipyard ✓
  • Planets (show/sort) ✓
  • Galaxy ✓
  • Fleet (Explore/Transport)
  • Research
  • Shop
  • RPG
  • Planets (buy/sell)
  • Missions (Planet/Galaxy)
  • Fleet (Battle)
  • Fractions

After working off this roadmap, there is a solid basis that can then be optimized and think further. Balancing will be a big challenge and a continuous process.

Following a small foretaste for you. Three modules are torn...


Part of humanity has been able to save itself from Earth. After an arduous flight over many months, the first planet will be discovered - Planet Alpha. This planet is a simple common atmosphere planet where every player start.

Here is a small extract from Buildings, where you can build and upgrade the buildings. There are currently 11 buildings and will be expanded in the course of time. On the screenshot, you can also see the current Planet Menu.

NextColony Buildings
Screenshot in high resolution


The Galaxy has endless potential. On the screenshot, you can see many covered, not yet explored fields or coordinates. You also see five Alpha Planets and two fields that have been explored and have no find.

The Galaxy's already working. There is a starting area defined, in which the alpha planets on the not yet explored fields are created (spawning). This starting area is constantly extended. Neither you nor we know where in the Galaxy something will be created. This is randomly expanded. We'll prove that via GitHub in the course of this. The Galaxy is a fair and transparent environment. Only this way the Galaxy unfolds its full potential and offers an exciting element for all participants.

The Galaxy is growing dynamically and this infinitely. Currently the planets in the Galaxy are formed according to this rules and we keep the drop rate of the Legendary Planets enormously low.

NextColony Galaxy
Screenshot in high resolution

At this screenshot, you have to consider that we're currently keeping the starting area very small for better testings. This area will be enlarged on launch. So you won't see any planets so close together at the start. By clicking on an explored field, unexplored field or planet, a menu provides information and other options.

The Galaxy will be expanded to include missions, factions, and alliances. We will also have many things in the Galaxy that we won't communicate in advance. These have to be explored.


Also, the module Shipyard works so far and it's already the technical base available to explore the Galaxy with the Explorer and to make transports. So you will build and upgrade your fleet under Shipyard and manage and ship your fleet under Fleet. Fleet is currently under construction and will be finished in the next days. There are already 9 ships with defined values and two of them converted.

NextColony Shipyard
Screenshot in high resolution

The monetization of NextColony will take place completely via the in-game shop. The shop is already calculated in the entire balancing and therefore no danger for the game. In addition, we will limit the outputs in the shop, so we have full control. The challenge will be to balance the game in such a way that we hit the center and offer everyone, with or without investment, a great gaming experience.

In addition, we will form a pool from the part of the Income and create a cycle. We are not building a one-way street here. The energy that goes out is coupled to a clean PoW. The reward goes to e.g. active playing and successful playing. The Legendary Planets will get a highlighted position.

This was only a small part. You will get the full experience when we open the gates.

In about 13 days we will open the gates and start with the first module. In the first step, you will be able to expand your planet. If you start directly at the start, you have a small First Mover advantage, because with the following module Research the start will be a little slower.

Then we will test this module together and if it runs stable, we will roll out another module at a time. The order corresponds to the roadmap above. For each module, we probably need 1-2 weeks, depending on the module.

After the start we need about 8-12 weeks until the first fights.

Resteem to the moon.

Thanks for your time.


Thank you. The whole atmosphere is galactically interesting. (:

I am so f'in pumped for this game!

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That sounds very good. (:

I am not sure that this will be the kind of game I like, Sci-Fi is not really my favorite topic. However, I am quite impressed by your way so far, the narketing is definitely working out and I am sure you will create a great game for people who enjoy that genre. I will definitely follow closly and support where I can - Every serious game (more like @steemmonsters, less like @drugwars) on STEEM is of huge value for us all :)

I will definitely follow closely and support where I can...

Thank you very much for that @theaustrianguy. We appreciate it.

I guess this game will go comparitively well. Although I am not going to try budding for a legendary planet, I will give it a go.

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Good to know. See you Ingame. :)

What is the difference to Steemnova? Nextcolony looks pretty similar so far.

I smell SteemNova 2.0 there (and I don't say here it is bad :))
Fingers crossed and waiting for a start!

This question already answered the roadmap: Quite a lot.

OGame is definitely an inspiration. We have already mentioned this.

I was not aware, didn´t read all posts.
No critique, I like SteemNova :)

I am on steemnova and it's a good game but this is interesting and getting it going sounds like a pretty fun thing I am definitely going to learn some more about this.

And thank you for posting this up!

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Do it. (:
Thank you, @ganjafarner

Your welcome shared and following! Will try to vote.

You guys have a discord? Would love to know more and promote you guys. Got a radio show and would love to have you on as guests.

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Great. (:
In 12 days we will open the registration and at the same time the Discord Channel.

Thank you for more info. iirc you sold 3 planets in the first auction - does that mean each planet was more than 1,000 STEEM? wow.

Still not sure about what this game will be though. Will it be similar to O-game?

OGame is definitely an inspiration for us. :)

The monetization of NextColony will take place completely via the in-game shop

What you will ofer on this shop? Resources, fleets, planets, boosters? How will you keep this on balance so there will be ppl who will want to buy something, and yet it wont give them much better situation in game?

What you mean by RPG in your roadmap?

Thanks for shering this info. Still dunno why you couldnt give it before first auction ;)

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Role Play Game Modul. :)

Ha ha ha

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Is there a Discord?

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In 8,5 days we will open the registration and at the same time the Discord Server.

I can't wait to play this game, man!!!! Upvoted!

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