Rewards: destroyed ships

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Today we are rewarding the first three positions of the destroyed ships ranking of the month June.

Ok, let's go...

Destroyed ships rewards:

Rank 1: @rivalzZz - 150 STEEM
Current status: destroyed ships: 167 (28141.1 U)

Rank 2: @proof-of-work - 100 STEEM
Current status: destroyed ships: 65 (15523.2 U)

Rank 3: @strikeeagle - 50 STEEM
Current status: destroyed ships: 62 (15011.8 U)

Congrats to the settlers!

The destroyed ships reward is not a guaranteed as a monthly reward. We will decide it every month.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Stay tuned.

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Congrats to these settlers!

How about a special category to reward the galaxies' unluckiest players too? ;)

576 explorations and one planet found is what I can throw in the ring. Anyone out there who can keep up with that?

Bin jetzt bei ~90 Explorations ohne Erfolg. Vermute, dass ich dir Konkurrenz machen werde. Hab's im Urin.

Will es nicht hoffen für Dich ;) Den ersten hatte ich auf der 257sten Mission gefunden...
Viel Glück!

congrats @proof-of-work and @strikeeagle . Well done with some fat debris around.

congrats @rivalzzz

Just like that? No announcement that you are about to do that? That you only reward the top three?

If you would announced few day before that there will be a big prize for doing that task we could see big fleet movements and epic battles
So much potential wasted :(

Ich habe noch eine Lieferung gemacht IDM-ZOULG8KMTLC Deploy 4 [251:300] [243:115] Kann ich es auf ein Schiff umtauschen?

Love the incentivization of combat ... and more generally, the idea of earning rewards through in game performance. This sorta motivation totally works as far as getting people to give the game a try ... which in turn raises the value of our ingame assets! Win win!

na toll, hättest früher mal sagen können, dann wäre ich auch noch weiter nach oben gegangen. Komisch, dass ich mehr destroyed habe als die No. 3, aber sei es drum - so Sachen bitte früher announcen - Danke @oliverschmid

Hatte 100% die gleiche Reaktion!

Congratulations to the winners @nextcolony and your prizes a great incentive to play!

Very cool! Congratz to the winners!

Congratulations to our Warrior Captains! So glad you're not in my neighborhood!

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Good rewards for tops...

please change the deploymant system. I get ships deployed just the guy can get his score higher. Pretty annoying. Give me an option to cancel that"gift"

if you mean those 2 transporters you got deployed bei powernap, maybe you bought them? im not related to @powernap to kill your ships there.

just to clarify.

congrats to all of you...this is great

The destroyed ships reward is not a guaranteed as a monthly reward. We will decide it every month.

Could You announce earlier what type of actions will be rewarded next?