NextColony takes off

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The time has come. Today we present you a new game on the Steem blockchain, currently created in the background. First, you will get the name.


NextColony is a last days space simulation with RPG elements and tradeable collectibles.

We offer you an universe:

  • Explore undiscovered space
  • Find and colonize new planets
  • Battle for honor and resources
  • Trade digital collectibles

For many weeks we have been working behind the scenes to bring together a German-speaking team to set up a game. We succeeded in that. The founder trio is Tim (@rondras), Robert (@bronkong), and Oli (@oliverschmid). The industrious @platuro works for us as a highly committed mercenary.

Oli has been writing about the development for almost two weeks in his German-language blog. The German-language community is enthusiastic about NextColony. They follow the auctions with excitement and participates actively.

The auctions already total 1,400 STEEM


A large part of humanity has been destroyed by a global nuclear war between China, Russia, North Korea and the USA. This global catastrophe has radically changed the world order. Since there was a lack of any necessary supply, a pandemic raged for many decades, to which many people fell victim. The fallout is spreading over a large area and therefore the earth is almost uninhabitable.

After years of searching, a small group was able to identify some areas that were not radioactively contaminated. In 2080, the rest of the people in these areas tried to create a new livelihood. The radioactive fallout made life impossible. The great war and its devastating destruction of our home planet forced people to flee. Mankind was forced to leave the earth.

On different parts of the earth, different factions came together to build space ships under high pressure in order to bring as many people as possible into space and to saving a part of humanity.


We are working hard on NextColony in the background and we’re much further and faster than we dreamed. We’re highly motivated and the work doesn't feel like work at all. We're fertilizing each other and it makes a lot of fun working on NextColony right now. The rough plan is set. How we will solve some things in detail remains to be seen. We just run and solve the problems on the way.

Since a few days, we have @jarunik as an investor in our team. We have 7,000 SBD on our account yet and can guaranteed employ @platuro over several months now. The money serves only this purpose. But we do not only get capital, with which we can work, but also grandiose expertise because @jarunik is from now on a fixed part of the team and participates with 10% in the project. That makes me incredibly proud.

The dynamic that was sparked by this is simply impressive. There are so many exciting things that we would like to tell you now, but you have to wait a little longer. However, we are looking forward to sharing all this with you. In the meantime we have developed 3 of 7 core areas.

NextColony is...

Made in Germany

We have been working under high pressure for several weeks now and feed exclusively on coffee and donuts. We have already achieved a lot and have now reached the point of defining a final deadline. As soon as the auctions are successfully finishing, NextColony starts.

Take a look at the auction on the website:

Thanks for your time


resteemed and ready to start

Looking forward to seeing how they develop this.

We'll launch it ultragalactically (;

Silverstackeruk can maybe make a space-cake already to celebrate. :)

A space-cake with so many sparklers that it is enough to take off (:

Looks like another game we can compete on buddy

Looking forward to it.

Ready to start for searching the battlestar in the endless depths of the Galaxy!
Thanks a lot!

In your PENIS ship. That's very impressive.

You're funny i'll kill you last. :)


May the force of @powernap be with you

I am interested. Don't rush it ;)

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And yet... Rush it a little ;)

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We are going to blow the Orbit together!

I am interested. DO rush it.

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I hope you're fertilizing each other peacefully.

Looking forward for more details.

Game details.

Of course.

We all come from a special star system and our intentions are peaceful (;

Of course... soon!

Well, you have a referral system?

Thanks for your question. :)

I'm not a fan of referrals, because that generates spam and the quality suffers. I prefer to work with targeted incentives and reward where value and quality are created. Whether these are Votes, STEEM, Planets, Tokens or Items will then be revealed.

Thanks for the answer. I suppose that make sense. I'll keep my eyes peeled for what you have in mind.

Cool, thanks! :)

You guys are fantastically awesome! I have a dream that soonest, our world will be conducive to live by the help of Steem blockchain!

My shoutout goes to Tim (@rondras), Robert (@bronkong), Oli (@oliverschmid) and @platuro

We can’t wait to start enjoying NextColony!

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In a few weeks we will all take off together and leave the destroyed earth behind!

Thank you very much!

Im hoping for some real strategy! ;)

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Me too. I grew up playing games like StarControl and Starcraft and I need some new scifi gaming ASAP

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Congratulations and well done on what looks to be a great new adventure here on the steemit blockchain.

Good luck

A new adventure, born to dance between the stars!

Thank you!

*Steem blockchain

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Hahaha. You are correct. The **STEEM blockchain. Thanks for pointing out my error, now everyone can make fun of me 😂🤣😀😂🤣😀

Let me PLAY already! ;)

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It won't be long before we take off. :)

You are growing fast. Thumbs up! :)

Thanks, Moewe! :)

Wollte mich einloggen mit Steem connect, aber auf eurer Website ist der Button nicht aktiv, bzw bei mir. mach ich was falsch? (Eigenvot zur Sichtbarkeit nur )

Du machst alles richtig! Vor allem, weil Du Dich schon einloggen wolltest (;
Richtig, denn es ist noch nicht möglich in das Spiel reinzuschauen, solange unsere Auktionen noch laufen.

Why should i spend so much steem if there is so little information about the game?

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Basically to boast if the game is successful

Yea sure, but you know, when preorders starts in normal games we at least get some gameplay, and here we get nearly nothing. And if you say this is like investment then it is even more important to know in what I invest. Investing because someone say something nice is just stupid.

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You just planted 0.10 tree(s)!

Thanks to @ucukertz

We have planted already
8100.87 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 24432.14
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

You don't have to spend steem either. You can also just be patient and wait until the game starts.

Ofcourse i dont need to spend anything, but this is not the answer for my question.

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We don't reveal much at the moment, that's deliberately the case. It is good and right to be critical.

This is the answer:

"You don't have to spend steem either. You can also just be patient and wait until the game starts."

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Finally my dream of owning a planet or two will be complete

Seems like a dream of every little child (:

or adult 😉

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Do you guys are open for investments? :)

Your question honors us! Thank you!

Thanks to the investment of @jarunik, @platuro is paid for the next months and we're well stocked. We don't need much except coffee and donuts.
Therefore we are auctioning only nine of these legendary uranium planets.

I can't click join button, it seems disabled or something unaccessible.

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As soon as the auctions are successfully finishing, NextColony starts.
You have to be patient (:

Oh I can't wait to see this game! I'm excited! Good Luck!

Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself!

Thanks a lot!

A bit late to the game, but very happy to have found this.

You're not late. We start on Sunday 20:00:00 UTC after the last auction. So start your rockets already @donchate (:

Any chance you could give us a bit more information about the game? Is this STEEM Ogame?
Im pretty positive you know about Ogame which was made by a german developer which is why im assuming it will be something similar. The art is very similar as well.
Would be great if you could explain in a bit more detail what we can expect.

In highschool i used to play it religiously. Addictive like crazy.

There will definitely be elements of Ogame.

Ogame was developed by a German developer? Nice, I did not know this. Thanks. :)

I don't want to betray too many yet. But we will give some more details in the upcoming posts.


Bin schon sehr gespannt auf euer Spiel 😊🎮 Wünsche euch viel Erfolg!

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Bin sehr gespannt zu sehen, was das für ein Spiel wird :)

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Es dauert nicht mehr lange. :)

Very cool, looking forward to seeing what you guys come out with! Best of luck with your actions!

Thanks a lot!
We'Re looking forward to get more Transwarp drive!

I'm really hyped and felt a little bit scared as I though it already started... 😅

Cool down! I'm sure you won't miss the spaceship. (:

Can’t wait to get started on this ! Don’t rush it, happy to wait for what I’m sure will be another epic game on Steem .
Have an awesome day!
P.s. feel free to pm me when you launch the game! ;)

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"Don’t rush it"

This is a good advice. :)


AHHH!!! This sounds amazing!!! Congrats you guys =D

Thank you very much (:

Hope it all goes amazingly...

I don't want to distract from the congrats... but I feel the obvious needs to be stated.
Your logo is basically a penis. Sorry. But needed to be pointed out... everyone else was being too nice to say it. But i'm being nice by pointing out the obvious.

Lol captain obvious

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Great to see!

nextcolony really good it , you unprove 89%.10.resteemed and ready to start.Im hoping for some real strategy.and well done on what looks to be a great new adventure here on the steemit blockchain.and i am interested.

"...a great new adventure here on the steemit blockchain"

You nailed it! That's exactly the plan.

Yay! Another ponzi game to look forward to!

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No chance. :)

Awesome and resteemed :-)

Thank you very much for your constant support, @lichtblick! :)

When is the game actually ready to be released?

As soon as the auctions have ended. :)

Cool, I think a lot of people on steem are looking for more good games to play.

So are we! We will also support all existing as well as all new games. The moon is big enough for all of us.

alles gute!!!

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Danke Dir! :)

good success you do not use @fundition ?

Currently we have everything we need: donuts and coffee. :)

@nextcolony Hi there, is nextcolony got the "space farming" option too? It might attract many players who love gardening :)

That sounds wired and great at the same time. :)

Oh, this looks really promising!

Cool! You know where to find us. :)

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We have been working under high pressure for several weeks now and feed exclusively on coffee and donuts.

This made me chuckle. Congrats on the hard work. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Thanks. See ya in-game. :)

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Dear #nextcolony , Innovation is the choice of everyone. Otherwise, the blockchain steemit family will also be happy about the news coming to the market. Before that you keep cakes, knives and candles ready. Even if you do not invite, we will know. Thank you again from Bangladesh for giving good news to the new game market

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