Nemesis: Inescapable Justice

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Seasons are about to begin. The first season starts after the Yamato module, and the name of the first season is Nemesis.

The name Nemesis is related to the Greek word νέμειν némein, meaning "to give what is due". The time has come to give what is due. Nemesis is the inescapable justice and defines the beginning of a new era. The power of justice is in your hands. You are Nemesis.

There are two ways to earn reward points during a season. You can earn reward points by upgrading and defending your Yamatos or by attacking Yamatos of your opponents. There are the hunters, the hunted, and all the nuances in between. What will you choose?

The journey begins...

In a distant galaxy in 2080, a couple of settlers and raiders awakes from a long, artificial cold sleep. The Steem price dropped, and the universe is on the verge of collapse. Now we need you, you have to save us.

Embark on a breathtaking journey. Follow the path of justice to save Steem and the whole universe from demise once again. It is time to battle for honor, pride, and justice, Steem, Items, and Stardust.

Reward points are going to be converted into Steem, Items,
and Stardust at the end of each season.

For your preparations you should know, that...

Yamato blueprints

At the start of the Yamato module, all owners of each legendary planet will receive 10 Yamato blueprints. The owners of the blueprints will need a few days and a ton of resources to enhance the ship skills, leveling the shipyard, and deciding on which planet they should activate them. After that, we will announce the launch of the first season.

There are currently 10 legendary planets (including the earth). So a total of 100 blueprints will, therefore, be distributed.

What to do with a Yamato blueprint?

  • Trade it just like any other blueprint
  • Activate it on a planet to produce and sell the built basic Yamatos
  • Activate it on a planet to participate in the season challenge

How to get a Yamato blueprint?

  • You participate on the pre-sale auctions
  • Buy it from another player (we don't sell Yamato blueprints)
  • Explore the galaxy and find the first legendary planet ever
  • We will give away 10 blueprints (of the earth) in contests

You don't have a Yamato blueprint?

Your challenge is to track down and destroy Yamatos. Hunt Yamatos to gain reward points for killing and downgrading Yamatos during a season.

The leach rate of the season is given in percent and defines the center of gravity of the season and the ratio of attackers, and defenders. Each season also has an individually defined leach rate. With the leach rate, we will balance between hunters and hunted.

You will be able to buy the basic Yamato from someone who produces them like other ships. Once you have a Yamato you will be able to upgrade the basic Yamato to higher tiers to participate in the season challenge.


To ensure our token model has a "sink" in it, we have to burn tokens. This idea was initially suggested by Vitalik Buterin and has been widely adopted. Basically, it involves designing token models with "buy-and-burn" mechanisms. The decrease in supply raises the value of all remaining tokens by the percentage of total supply destroyed.

To upgrading Yamato, you need Stardust. With this measure, we introduce the first sink for Stardust. We have already completed a second sink, which will be releasing with the Yamato module. We will now constantly add more meaningful sinks and thus increase the value of Stardust before we making the token tradable on exchanges.

Yamato starts on
November 15, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

Enhance your ship skills, build a huge fleet and prepare for the first season and epic battles. Prepare for Nemesis - inescapable justice.

Stay tuned.

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Thanks! (:

Yamato's distribution will be a huge problem... the galaxy is just too big, and ships take ages to travel across it. I dunno if this is doable but I think that a solution to this issue might be to create a parallel dimension where only legendary planets exist. Let me elaborate more:

This is how our alpha to delta ring looks like, deploying Yamatos here would be insane since 99.99% of the players would have no chance to actually fighting them.

But if we can have some kind of parallel dimension, where only legendary planets exist, a parallel dimension which would be the spawn areas for Yamatos, and are accessed by other ships through wormholes evenly distributed alongside the whole galaxy... it would give a chance for every player to fight a Yamato even if his headquarters are located on the corner of the galaxy.

You can fill that hypothetical parallel dimension with even more rewards for legendary planet owners, and for other players as well... like stardust generated by supernovas explosion (an event where stardust can be collected if you control certain are after such a supernova explosion, after all the dust in the universe is formed after supernovas explosion lol).

It can also give more incentives for players to buy in-game items such as special ships for collecting that stardust, etc. Ingame incentives to pour money into the game is what will make the economy of @nextcolony to flourish.

Anyhow, let's wait and see how this first test turns out.
Best regards.

Wow, that's a pretty good and elaborate idea.

The biggest challenge is the size of the galaxy, you're absolutely right. We have some ideas, how to deal with this, but we have to play 1-2 test seasons first.

I would recommend to remind user base on e again that you're deploying a work-extensive module and that it's best to try it out with actual players... Users shall expect unbalanced features since the game is still under development and constructive criticism is much appreciated. Communication will always be the key to keep the community with confidence about the hard work you guys have been doing the last months.

Best regards.

100% agree.

Difficult decision!

I just checked the ratings, and my fleet is in the top 100, but I will probably have no chance to buy and defend a Yamatos. Better would be to find a powerful ally, and to work for him... Hmm... will this ever work?

Posted using Partiko Android

Did you say ally? :) I'm really looking forward to create an aggressive Space Pirates Group.

There are many options. We are curious to see your strategies.

Yeh, the tokenomics is legit. A balancing force i.e. 'sinks' is necessary to counter the production. Yin and Yang in short.

Yes. We will introduce a whole series of sinks for NextColony.

while you are at it, any chance for a Space Casino for punters to double or gamble their Stardust away? :)

That wouldn't help to stabilize Stardust.

Oh boy, November 15th is so close, I need ships, I need ships.

Flauwy's Fleet Market is at your service. I take Steem, PayPal, DEC and Splinterlands cards.

We'll see, let's wait for the date to come.

very very nice

Yes. (:

Interessantes Konzept. Ich bin auf die Umsetzung ingame gespannt :D

Schau ma Mal, geht ja schließlich um den Stardust am Ende. Wenn der Token nen stabilen Wert bekommt, dann war es die ganze Vorbereitung wert. Soweit sieht das Konzept wirklich gut durchdacht aus.

It's almost time.

What will happen when you attacking on yamato? You can lost your troops?

Yamato is a ship and behaves like that.

Uh boy. Moving ships around is going to cost a whole lot of uranium

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes. Uranium and Stardust will be rare in the long run.

you never cease to amaze..

Thanks! (:

I hope , getting Yamato (not blue prints) will not be difficult but defending Yamato will be most difficult task.

"...but defending Yamato will be most difficult task"

Defending against the entire universe is definitely not the easiest task.

So the seasons are about to begin and the point system sounds exciting to me. But I also have now the greatest concerns since the start of the game (and there have been many, rest assured, yet I was always optimistic). I might misunderstand it, though.

Since ONLY legendary planet owners get the blueprints, the Yamatos will only appear near those planets or somewhere where the owners of them have other planets. Maybe they sell them which increases the chances to pop up somewhere else - but the galaxy is large. This has one MEGA FLAW: There are no legendary planets in my sector and no forces from their owners anywhere near.

As far as I understand this, people in my sector will be entirely EXCLUDED from the entire season functionality, as neither building and holding nor hunting Yamatos will be an option. To hunt a Yamato I would have to fly very far, something that is no option as every player of the game knows. Deploying over long distances might be possible but attacking is not.

Again, I might miss something here and I am hoping I do. However, if I am right about this, then my motivation to continue playing is instantly falling into the bottomless pit. We have been waiting for this module pretty much since the day revenue share was announced. please tell me I am wrong. PLEASE!

I want to sell ships, too.
Perhaps we can work deals.
I have access to planets in all four quadrants.
Most at ship level 17.
Dm me in discord?

You have to crack some nuts, yeah.

We will adjust accordingly. This might be true for season 1 - I would not be so sure though as most likely the legendary owners will also try to keep their Yamatos in a not so busy region.

But there is many ways how we can react:
Speed increase
A new super fast ship
WORM holes
Space stations

A ship that can transport other ships faster than they can get there themselves?
It takes forever to send explorers anywhere.

Could also be an interesting solution.

Also, wenn ich es mir genau überlege, hab ich Angst. Ich bin eh nicht mächtig und aktiv genug, um einen der Planeten zu finden (mit keinem der Accounts, mit denen ich spiele). Die Auktionen habe ich offenbar verpaßt (warum eigentlich? gab es keine Ankündigung?).
Das weitere Erkunden zu motivieren finde ich grundsätzlich gut.

"gab es keine Ankündigung?"

Klar. Der Start dieses Blogs ist voll damit. (:

I thought that each of us can build an YAMATO through research ship skills and than building it as any. But reading this I am not sure that is possible anymore and the only way is buy buy buy...which I find to be quite unfair for most of us which might not have enough steem to do so. Hopefully you will make that available also for the masses which through work they could get skilled and build one.

We're not selling Yamato blueprints.

very good

Yes. (:

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

Awesome to see all the new developments. Sad to look at my stats ad see that I have no legendary planets or massive resources. I'll be sending out my explorers and praying to find a legendary. Wish me Luck :)