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The conversion from Stardust to/from Steem Engine is now available, so there is one more feature - trading Stardust. Buy low, sell high - you know best, how it works.

Stardust is an in-game token for NextColony. You can earn Stardust while playing and use it to trade on the market, buying buffs, upgrade Yamato, respawn and more to come...

You can convert Stardust to/from Steem Engine directly on the NextColony website via 'convert' modal in your wallet.

We handle conversions via our internal Stardust exchange. So you can also convert to/from Steem Engine via 'transfer' modal to nextcolony.exch.

Have fun!

Stardust on Steem Engine:

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server.

Stay tuned.


Have been waiting hours for 10K SD to show up in my STEEM ENGINE ACCOUNT. Is this normal?


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Fixed. Should work now.

Got it!

Thanks 👍😎

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Are there any fees to transfer Stardust in and out of steem-engine?


Are there any trading fees?
There are no fees for using the Steem Engine market, however please note that as with anything on the Steem blockchain you will need to have enough Resource Credits available in your account to publish the required transactions. Also, as mentioned above, there is a 1% fee for any deposits or withdrawals of STEEM.

That last line is also reminded on near DEPOSIT/WITHDRAW buttons:

NOTE: There is a 1% fee on all deposits and withdrawals.

So basically, they say that trading (conversions) are free, but moving funds into trading account and taking them back out costs you ~2%.

Thanks for that.

When using @cupz and @epicdice the tokens are directly available in SE, no need to transfer in and out. Why is @NextColony not set up that way?

I have absolutely no idea. I wonder myself, I just asked about that (0 StarDust, no 'Deposit' option, wtf!) in a comment below :)

I just looked at .
I havent been there in a while. It used to be that you could bet with CUPZ tokens or steem. Now you can only bet with steem. However your winnings in CUPZ tokens are still directly deposited into your SE account.

I see the 1% fee on the conversions from NC to SE. Is there also the 1% to convert the other way?

Currently there is no fee. We are not sure whether we will do this or not. You can ignore the tooltip.

I am not seeing the left over pre sale stardust in steem engine.

Does this mean that there is no phase 2 and phase 3 of stardust?

Phase 2/3 won't happen that fast.

On the SteemEngine site, it shows that I have 0 StarDust. I suppose that's some kind of internal account on the exchange, like on others, and it's simply new empty account. Ok. I see option to transfer StarDust to another account, but I may be too dumb to see it, there's no way to deposit StarDust from my NextColony account to SteemEngine trading account. Is it possible? how can I do that?

You can deposit or "convert" your SD into SE from the NextColony client wallet.


Ohkey. Now I fully understand it. The 'Stardust' tradeable on SteemEngine is not the same StarDust as the in-game currency. The in-game currency right now is NOT a 'token' as understood on SteemEngine. That's just some custom variable in the game engine, not following SE rules. That's why on SteemEngine we don't see our SD balances, and that's why we must 'send' SD to SE first. That window here says 'Convert'. It's not 'transfer'! It's not an error, it's 'Convert' on purpose. What happens here in this window is converting in-game StarDustCurrency to out-of-game StarDustTokens that are tradeable on SteemEngine. I hope the conversion ratio here is 1:1. Anyways, after this 'conversion', SD are lost from in-game's account, unusable. and sit on SE account as Tokens, so they can be traded. Maybe in some future version the NC game will be updated to use SD-tokens directly. Current "workaround" is cumbersome and adds complexity, but is usable, so maybe it won't ever happen?

Long awaited great news!

Buy high, burn low meint ihr wohl 😂

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That's Great Feature 👍


Please return or credit 65,000 STARDUST to @frankcapital

It never showed up in my STEEM ENGINE account.


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Must of been a delay.


Awesome service BTW!


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That's great post

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