Auction end & launch

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NextColony Teaser 1

Edit: Our last auction is successfully finished. The website has just been updated and the winners of the auction published.


Drakon belongs to @xx0xx / Tx
Price: 10005 STEEM / Transferred: yes ✔

Tellus belongs to @xx0xx / Tx
Price: 10005 STEEM / Transferred: yes ✔

Omega belongs to @xx0xx / Tx
Price: 10005 STEEM / Transferred: yes ✔

Last block is the one that is produced 20:00:00, according to


The NextColony auctions are a hot topic on the Steem blockchain. Now that the final is near, we want to inform you about a few important things.

Okay, let's go...

  • Place your bid early. If you speculate on being able to score at the last minute, let me tell you that this will be tricky. Look into your wallet, define a budget and place your bid early.

  • Most of the bids were dropped at the end of the last auction and therefore the end was enormously exciting. Important note: Bid in time, because it's getting hot in the last 30 minutes.

  • Place a bid. The final is close and the last three legendary uranium planets will be auctioned. Afterward, we will not auction, sell or give away any legendary uranium planets. The drop rate of the legendary is already very low at 0.001%. Then the dice are rolled again: coal, ore, copper, uranium, and atmosphere. The chance to get a legendary + uranium planet is low.

  • In some places, it's already happening and it's a pretty clever idea: form alliances. Two alliances that have attracted particular attention are @dachcolony and @lisboacolony. A wonder of the universe can only be built by an alliance. A wonder of the universe can also only be built on a legendary planet. You should now form an alliance or make sure you join one. All members of the respective alliance also participate as a team of the Wonder of the universe, in the form of special skills and payouts in STEEM.

Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, and all your colleagues about the launch.

Resteem to the moon.

Thanks for your time.


Where is the count down clock

The auction finished @bigram13 (: go ahead and play.

My Emperor, our scientist achieved a breakthrough, we will have our first interstellar propultion engine ready to night. We will be able to spread our empire beyond the borders of our own planet and create the greates stellar empire this universe has ever seen. No one will be able to stop us!

Ok Captain then prepare everything for the lounch and let the games begin.

  • About the Planet auction..

Madness at the end.. :P
Bidding was fun after all,
It was an honor to participate auction of the great game!

At the moment, website doesn't work, (seems like it's down)
so I will just wait till these dusts settled down.

It is very late night / too early morning in here,
so it would be great if you guys announce the auction's result ASAP.

Thank you,
Keep up the hard work! :)

The start can be delayed a little bit, because we have to wait for the money entrance. The 9 planets are then irretrievably assigned to the 9 buyer accounts by us and then the game starts. The planets are deposited in advance under the buyer's name and linked to the account during registration. That's it. :)

You're welcome! :)

less than 2 hrs. !

Good Luck on all bidders.

if you have game-question later on - you can simply drop a line in the Discord.

And times up.

Hey rishi is the website working for you right now? Won't load for me

Got the same problem. Here's what I saw in discord though.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 3.04.11 PM.png

Oh alright can you send me the discord link?

That's nice of you! :)

I want to be able to login with keychain

We're checking at the team right now to see if it's a good decision.

I won't ever play if you're asking for posting authorities through steem connect

Made by @holger80 right? Nice to see that. I'll be giving it a try.

Looks like a great team, even though I just know one of them, but he's a great one.

One game is pretty much dead to the Steem community, and in just a few hours, we'll have a great one to turn to. Thanks guys.

Thank you for your kind words! :)


Alliance Logic Force members from a similar game SteemNova have consistently played the game daily and grinded to the #1 spot. We are proven successful/active players.

We are looking to join alliance with a legendary planet holder. I have no doubt working together we can achieve Wonder of the Universe and be a leading alliance in NextColony.

Contact us on discord if interested:

Maybe talk with @reggaemuffin to join with buildteam

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Good idea! :)

That sounds very interesting @potplucker. At the same time as the launch we will open the discord server. We hope to see you there.

Oh, believe me there are other alliances, but want to remain unnoticed ;)

That sounds exciting. :)

Looks pretty cool.

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Great news @nextcolony and I'm really looking forward to the launch!

So are we! :)

So close I can taste it.
Can’t wait.

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Less than 10 hours. :)

Next amazing game for Steem!

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Dear #nextcolony , The way you presented science-based narratives about BIDS and Wallet, it's fairly appreciated. Which is smoothly unrecognized. Write more. Thank you

That's nice. :)

Dear #oliverschmid , What you said briefly is a lot to me like a manger. Thank you

excellent publication I will follow you I hope you keep me happy day

For sure. Thank you (:

Good morning @nextcolony, this sounds so amazing and i'm glad I came across this post. Your vivid description drew my interest to this awesome project so im looking for more great things to come from your page. I will do some research and check out what you have going. Again thanks for sharing this with the wonderful world of steemit.


We're glad to have you here. Feel free to read the other posts and join our game to explore the incredible deepness of the space (:

btw seems like the Safe can't be increased from 0 currently?

Oh, Bunker huh.

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News in 10 posts - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

What are the basic requirements for creating/forming a new alliance?

Find people who want to strategically conquer outer space with you. This is the only requirement @successforall (:

Por lo que he podido leer, son grandes las expectativas que ha generado Nextcolony, espero que podamos hacer algo muy positivo uniéndonos en el grupo que se pueda formar por los venezolanos. Estoy a la disposición para ese objetivo.

Nos alegra oír eso. Sí, es ciertamente ventajoso formar alianzas para construir una maravilla del mundo más adelante en el juego.

This auctions are cool. Hot topic indeed.

Not a great start... pages slow to load and lots of errors

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Yes, the server was overloaded. We have installed updates and it is faster now. That was too much rush towards the moon (:

Same here.

Well, a slight upgrade to


Something's gone wrong, the page you requested was not found. The requested page has been lost in the four-dimensional continuum, does not exist or has been deleted. If this page should exist, please contact the support.

Go back to the NextColony homepage.

Lol, I can't wait. At least I already Have one planet ;) But I want to discover the game more in deep.

I have not looked in this game pages jet, but I try soon to make it. 😊👍

We hope so (:

Soon. 😉

Thanks for the post.

You're welcome.

Can it be played for free at launch ?

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It will be possible to play nextcolony for free. There is no need to spent steem.

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Can't wait to try another blockchain game then ! Seems like today it said 7 hrs till launch

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That's me! :D

I won't have my PC tonight but the website seems to be super nice and responsive on the phone. I should be fine, right?
Let's go boiz!

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Durchkämmt die Wüste!
Locker 100 mal gesehen.

Ich kann immer wieder ueber diese Szene lachen...ein Klassiker :-)

Es is so bescheuert, das es schon wieder schön is.

Por lo que he podido leer, son grandes las expectativas que ha generado Nextcolony, espero que podamos hacer algo muy positivo uniéndonos en el grupo que se pueda formar por los venezolanos. Estoy a la disposición para ese objetivo.

Nos alegra oír eso. Sí, es ciertamente ventajoso formar alianzas para construir una maravilla del mundo más adelante en el juego.

Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for comment. :)


count Down ???????????

There is no Countdown. We have launched our game, so go ahead and play it (:

I have all my resources at 0.0 since yesterday and I didn't spent them. They don't recharge neither. Can anybody help me?

Thank you.

It seems they fixed it for me. You can join their Discord, they can help you for sure there... =)

Exactly, support on the Discord Server, thanks, @immanuel94!

Game ready?!

Yeah, dust off your rocket and let's go towards stardust @luppers (:

the site doesn't work:

You don't have permission to access / on this server.


It takes a moment till all auctions are payed. Then the servers will go online.

sort of defeats the purpose of a long countdown if at the end nothing happens...

Oh, that sounds good. Do you know, more or less, how long it will take?

I hope you don't have any more problems. Our server was overloaded but after a few updates it is now great.

Thank you for your reply. The problem I have is that all my resources are set at 0,0 since yesterday. I just level up one mine skill before the server goes down, and now I can't do anything because I have no resources.

Can you help me, please?

Have you a discord channel?


forget it. I logged out and the log in again and the problem is solved. Thank you!

My planet and resources seem to not load. =( I started before the downtime, can you guys help me? =)

Do you still have the problem?
Feel free to join our Discord Server

Yes, I still have the problem.

For every technical support please join our discord @immanuel94

Ok, do you have a link to the Discord? =)

But it has been fixed now. :3

Yes in the comment above (: but for you again

Hello, I could enter but it does not let me update the shipyard

For the first, you have to enhance the skills. Maybe this will help you (:


Oh shit!


Yes our server was overloaded, but after the updates it is now faster and should work.
Thanks for your patience.

Congrats👍👏Good Luck

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Thank you. Hope to see you in the game (:


I've just read this...

"Upgrading your Shipyard reduces the building time for your ships. A reduced building time is important if you want to built a huge fleet. A Shipyard Level 12 is needed for the Transporter. For the Explorer you need a Shipyard Level 13."

However, I'm having to wait 6 hours for my 'skill's to get up to level one.... and I'm assuming it's going to be longer for L2-12...

So does this mean I'm going to have to wait 2 weeks to get exploring? Or are there other ships I'll be able to build before I get to L12?

I can't find any details of the ships on the site?



Maybe this will help you out (:


Great thanks,

Nice viz!

this liked!!

Sounds great (:

Compete against others in a fun interactive game similar to the famous Agar
Win Steem dollars, honor and upvotes!
Fair to everyone, only your skill matters!
Do you have what it takes?

Quiero Ofertar es posible aun? Gracias

No, las subastas han terminado. Pero empieza a jugar (:

This post has been resteemed!

I don't have any idea about this, Anyone can tell me what is it in shortcut ?

It's a galactic game build on the Steem Blockchain for everyone (:


We need explorer lv. 20 skill and shipyard 13 before we can make an explorer ship at all?

This should help you (:

Would be helpful if these info are in the game

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aunque pregunto ya a varios sin tener respuesta lo seguiré intentando saludosss.. mi pregunta es.. como obtengo votos? es que no entiendo muy bien esta pagina

Another topic can be seen in a new topic. And there is no lack of interest in innovation. Wise people wake up like this. thanks to everyone.

Just refresh the page - should work.

thank you

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