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RE: 12 Facts about the Yamato module

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I'm not sure if you realize that it is a bad idea to further strengthen already big Players. The Top Player of your game are efficiently farming the whole existing Galaxy and now you wanna make them the only once having access to the key feature of the game, which generates rewards.


Who we strengthen depends on the leach rate of the season.

I want this game to succeed, I really want that. But I can't even play it properly since Moths now because I get farmed by the Top3 and there is no way out for me.

I wonder why an attacker gets Uranium out of an attack, even if I have less then would fit in my save and you wonder how to build UniverseWonders using legendary planets. Where will we meet again? Because if we don't meet again, I can't play your game anymore and with "I" - I really mean all players in my situation, which probably are A LOT of players.

But you have the data, how many accounts are getting just farmed and don't make any progress at the moment? 50-60%? Trust me I'm not angry, I'm frustrated because of I still try.

"I want this game to succeed."

We too.
We will see if this works out.

Of course, you do, I give this FeedBack to help us. I want to play NC another 5 years at least.

"I want to play NC another 5 years at least."

Awesome! We're gonna get a tattoo of that sentence. I'm serious.

If this game hits a Million Players, that's the very least you could do.

Phew, a million players is an ambitious goal. A few thousand players is realistic for now.

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