Beyond Delta

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longrange-exploration888.pngIt was just decided, I'm sending and lock one mission slot for my longest range exploration beyond the Delta ring of NextColony visible map.

Mission Cost

Even SpyColony limits the co-ordinates and returns an error. Such a journey will take almost 7 days 8 hours to reach destination and the same duration to return. If it gets lost on the way home, it'll be consolation to get my mission slot back instantly without need to wait another 192 hours. Fuel cost is a staggering 211U!
NC-Map cost.JPG
By the time my Ev2 arrive at destination, ISRO's Chandrayaan-2 would have entered our own Moon's orbit. A step closer to land a probe in search of water on the southern tip of Earth's closest celestial object.

Why do this?

Just for the heck of it. Besides the constant repetition of enhance, upgrade, loot, attack, transport and discovery, there isn't much to do. Thus, might as well attempt something different.

Why 888/-888 co-ordinates?

Chinese belief to be a symbol of wealth with the number 8. The negative y-coordinates is because I seem to have better luck at x/-y quadrant.


We'll know after 191 hours from now. Theoretically, my chances for getting a planet is quite low, even more remote for hitting the elusive legendary planets that is suppose to appear sooner or later.
NC-Map wide 1000s.JPG

My Game Progress.

Approaching Battle Cruiser ship making & Uranium mine skills level 20. Excited to be able to build my own Battle Cruisers. Discovered a additional eleven (11) planets including a rare coal and rare ore. At one time I had 12 active Explorer v2 missions to the center near (0/0) but so far no successful discovery. approach1.gif
The map is getting more crowded as more exploration been completed but meanwhile there abandonment happening all around. Players quitting as a result of multiple factors including consistent validation service down time. A few of my neighboring planets became a farm, result of inactivity for more than 7 days. To be honest, the temptation is there to attack but I'll wait and observe for the moment patiently.

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