After Mission#100 - My update.

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I know ranking is not everything. It isn't considered a winning nor one is better than the other. In fact I think is an statistical numbering given by an arbitrary source to encourage or motivate players. I'm now on the way for my first two exploration missions after the centenary round. Would a fifth planet on the horizon?

So far I am lucky to have found 3 common planets. Together with alpha (Banasphere), production is ramping up. With NC battle systems online, looting of resources is inevitable. Some quadrants are more aggressive than others especially with those who got faster more advance ships. In my neighborhood, managed to be in communication with my nearest neighbors namely; bitcoinjake!, spanish speaking @ivan-perez-anies and @dwyakuza ALT. At the moment, all friendly except for The Investors, part of the UraniumFuture alliance. That planet is enhancing Dreadnoughts but are being supplied Frigates & Corvettes from the alliance.

Otherwise a pretty peaceful quadrant for now.

Recently @mmunited suggested to me explaining my planet naming convention. Here it is;
Banasphere - Alpha planet
PA3556 / 2BBB22 - Post #194

The subsequent planets, I've appended prefix to sequence the planet arrangements in the NextColony web ui drop down list. As most exploration mission will be launch from the PA3556 and 2BBB22.
[seq][rarity][type][mission planet name]
For eg. 2CC_PA3556 (PA3556 mission found 2nd planet Common Coal planet)

If planets were found from Banasphere, then I have to think of a unique name for it but chances are getting slimmer in my region and my Mission Control still stuck at Level 1. Yes, ain't perfect as I can still improve it later on.

In the mean time, I'll just be basking on the current exploration, enhancing and upgrading activities while getting ready to be bashed up from invaders. And ranking isn't everything okay.

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Well, you're not far from me there bro. Just keep searching and dont give up :D

Just like Steem Reputation. It gets harder as nearing the top.

Wow. Great.

and lost the Explorer in 101th mission.

Rank 57 wow

55 now #humblebrag - just lucky, more planets help in this sense.

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