Not somewhat sad, but very disappointed. NextColony should migrate to the Hive blockchain, as many other dApps done. Now I feel like I wasted my time on the game, because I have not achieved anything meaningful in the game. I only upgraded buildings and skills. I have not even had the chance to build an Explorer ship to explore the galaxy and earn Stardust (SD). The Explorer ship requires level 20 ship skill, level 13 shipyard building skill, level 13 shipyard building skill. I started upgrading the ship skill from level 19 to level 20 literally now. It will take 08:37:08. Yes. 8 hours, 37 minutes, 8 seconds. The progress in this game is slow. So probably many other players are in similar shoes. The shutting down of NextColony is another huge disappointment on the Steem blockchain.

Y, I got lucky and had the chance to buy me some explorers in the market. Can send you one as farewell gift :)

But generally spoken I guess we cannot blame Steem for this one.
Feel like NextColony got itself in a corner, where bigger changes are needed to create a refreshing wind of stardust.
Maybe the devs lack the vision or time, or both (no blame though!, it can be very hard) to move on.
So it might be best to open the code to the community, maybe someone can step in.

There could be many reasons, yes. Hopefully someone will step in.
Maybe they (the current, original developers) should have asked the community first, and they probably could have arranged some things to make it sure, for example a few other developers would have took the project, and they would have continued with NextColony on the Steem blockchain. But maybe the NextColony will still continue on the Steem blockchain. It just/only needs good developers.

Edit: If your gift Explorer ship offer is serious, then I would like to accept it. Thank you.

Sure. Once I got a free mission spot and find out how to send it your way ^^
Guess I need your coordinates?

I am currently on the Alpha (P-Z09KUBTVJV4) planet. Coordinates: 439/-81. This is my first (and currently my only) planet in NextColony.

Distance (coordinates): 2032
Time needed (outward flight): 84:16:00:00
Arrival: 06/28/2020, 09:02:40

Erm... Guess I should not send you my Explorers o.O

The universe is vaste..

Yes, that would take a long time, but do not worry.
I successfully built my first Explorer ship in NextColony (on 2020.04.02).
The enhancing of the mission control skill is in progress, so I will be able to go on exploring missions soon.

Good job.
May you find a nice new planet soon :)

Right, that's quite an important question. Open-Source'ing it via GitHub is one thing, but it's the license that matters. Unless it's an explicitly permissive license, noone will be able to legally use that code. Please consider GPL, LGPL, CC, MIT or similar.

MIT + CC BY-SA 4.0 might work. I'll let you know in 44 days.

Thank you for your reply :)

Season ends in 12:21:44:55 ?

13 Days?

44 days.

Edit: Jarunik's nc-client seems to have a display error. The main-client counts.

Dear @oliverschmid,
no Stardust from Steemengine is shown in NextColony wallet, today.

Am besten nutzt du aktuell Steem Engine direkt, um von Steem Engine nach NextColony zu senden. Das geht am schnellsten. Einfach:

Wallet > Send tokens (icon rechts)

Dann an den Account nextcolony.exch senden, die Memo kannst du leer lassen.

Oh vielen Dank Oliver!!!
Du hast mich damit sehr glücklich gemacht.
Das Börsenproblem hat mich echt in Schwierigkeiten gebracht. Ich dachte schon, die letzte Season geht an mir vorbei. Und weißt du was?


Während ich schlief, ist es passiert. Hast du gesehen, wie lange ich den gesucht habe? Egal, was demnächst in NC passiert. Dieser Planet war jetzt wirklich das Allergrößte, was bis jetzt im Spiel gelaufen ist.

Ich war schon happy mit meinem Beta-Planeten ^^

Kurz nach dem dritten, habe ich sogar den vierten Planeten gefunden. Du musst durchhalten, @hamsterpoweriii! Und kontolliere mit Flight Radar, ob du auch wirklich die Felder aufdeckst, die deine Explorer anfliegen! Es gibt immer Konkurrenz und wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst.
Guten Flug!

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