Yes, if you get attacked the bot will try to activate the shield generator if it can. It also takes other defensive actions like using up all resources on an attacked planet so an attacker can't steal them.

By default the bot will prioritize buildings that provide resources, then depots, then shipyard & mission control skill. It will also build explorers and start launching explore missions once the shipyard reaches level 13. Upon request, we can enable combat ship mode, which will throw all resources into producing warships and prioritize that over buildings.

Also, the bot will use all your mission control slots, but we can set it to leave a number of missions free upon request, so you can manually launch some missions.

if I am already on 13+ will it move it down the priority and priorties explorers? also explorers II?

My top priority would be explorers

Yes, past that point the top priority becomes exploration. However the bot currently does not support explorer IIs, for now you'll have to manage those yourself.

Hi, we have added it on our server side, you however need to give posting authority to @btcolony using this link:

You can pause it by removing authority with this link

There are some customisations, I will get either @reggaemuffin or @cryptomancer to reply to you regarding that and the shields.


the account got posting rights but is not doing anyhting as far as I can tell

Yes it does, will escalate your issue to support.

can you check and let me know in a few hours if works, we have reset your account. Also please confirm it is flipstar that is the correct account?

so far the ships are still chilling at home. I will check later again.

Yes Flipstar is correct

In your case you have nowhere to explore, you are surrounded completely by other players. So the bot can only level you up but can’t send explorers.

so the bot cant fly further what is shown in the normal map? flying far is still better than doing nothing

This is the response i got from our devs:

The bot looks at a certain maximum radius around a planet when checking for empty space to explore, in order to avoid grinding to a halt from processing too much map data.
you'd have to go way way beyond that max radius to find any empty space for this user
and the bot doesn't use explorer IIs to search farther away so it's basically useless for him for the purpose of exploring and can only be used for levelling up.

You do refunds? As the only purpose for me was exlporing

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