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The news is all over the galaxy: Pickle's Corvette Emporium by @chrisroberts and Flauwy's Fleet Market are merging into a super entity of unseen dimensions: @NextFleet. And the galactic battleship market comes with a brand new Steem Engine token: FLEET.


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The NextFleet Market Is Open

Welcome to @NextFleet, the first galactic-wide super market for battleships. Here you can buy the first three tiers of the @NextColony battleships in large quantities and for affordable prices. Together with @chrisroberts and @carrieallen, we created the Corvette-pegged FLEET token on Steem Engine:

1 FLEET = 1 Corvette Crocus

The Corvette Crocus is the smallest and fastest battleship. It plays a huge role in the game and serves as the value giver to the FLEET token. You are able to purchase FLEET on the Steem Engine market and use it to pay for an order of ships. The initial selling point is 2 STEEM for 1 FLEET. This is below our previous prices and should create an attractive offer for all players. Over time, the open market will define the value of one Corvette and hence influence our own selling prices. Nevertheless, 1 FLEET will always be 1 Corvette Crocus.

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Token Details

The are 10,000 FLEET tokens issued to @nextfleet and we sell most of them on the FLEET Steem Engine market. Some will be used for various events in the future. Everyone can trade FLEET tokens on the market and speculate with them and hence influence the price of a Corvette Crocus in the NextColony universe. Most FLEET tokens will eventually be sold back to us and we will supply the market anew with adjusted prices.

Fleet Token

The FLEET token has zero decimal positions and all orders are rounded up. The minimum order size is 10 FLEET and all orders are simply done by sending 10 FLEET or more to @nextfleet via the Steem Engine wallet or the Steem Keychain browser extension. We will process the orders in the fastest ways possible, which might include waiting time until it is your turn, production of the ships and then up to a week delivery time across the galaxy. If we have stock, you get your ships faster.

To keep up with growing demand we are open to expand and invite more producers. But we have to see how it goes first.

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Announcement Post

Please check out the official announcement post with more details about the costs of each battleship and how to get your FLEET tokens.

NextFLeetNextFleet - The Largest Ship Market In NextColony
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Very cool!
It is amazing what can be done with existing tools on Steem, like Steem Engine.
A normal game would need to create shops and markets etc etc.
A Steem game can just use existing infrastructure and let entrepreneurs like you meet market demand with attractive offerings relevant to the game.
Its capitalism on steroids!

I'm sure this FLEET token will also be used by others in the game for buying and selling warships.

Also, if you become a regular customer its less likely either one will go out of their way to destroy you :)

That's awesome guys!

I already wrote it in the discord server, but for everyone that reads this post:

I am offering Corvette Crocus for 0.9 FLEET and Corvette Petunia for 1 FLEET per ship. PM per for details (@okean123#2974). Coordinates: 153/-223

A little competition can't hurt :).

I love this idea @flauwy , @chrisroberts and @carrieallen ! Im really sleepy right now but will check this out tomorrow, upped and resteemed . @nextcolony sounds so awesome ! I might just need some FLEET Tokens to add to my ever growing Steem-Engine wallet, I just wish I had more money, lol!! Best of luck guys!!🚀🚀🚀🚀

Very cool, best of luck with @nextfleet! The galaxy's first fleet super store!

Cool idea, guys!

Gimme some FLEET! The exploration walls are closing in! I need military support!

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Nice! Sehr coole Idee. Werde ich verfolgen.

Hi, @flauwy!

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