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so another blockchain game closed it's door this week. I'm speaking about @nextcolony.

I think the game had a good concept at start and that the devs put a lot of effort into it. It was not so much fun in the end as everyone was aiming for the rewards and without a proper bot nobody could play it efficient enough.

So here is my take on the life of this game.

Graphics have been amazing. I loved discovering new planets just because of the graphics. Look how good the planet in the screenshoot looks. I can only tell, amazing.

I liked the start, where bots have not been dictating the game. One could play 2,3 times a day and could still be in the game.

I think there have been invested many hours to have the game as it was.

What I didn't like was the balance of the game. Yes, there was a major effort to balance it somehow, but it did not work in the end. Also the season rewards of the last season have been imbalanced. Maybe it didn't matter in the end.

I'm not complaining as I did not work on it. I only tell the things from my perspective and how they went. It would be interesting if someone continues the game and changes some points to it, like rewards shall be only in the games currency. Also a restart of the initial planet shall be only possible if there is only one planet on the account, to avoid that more developed players jump next to the new ones.

So, as it ended, I want to thank the team for the effort and time invested and wish them good luck in their new ventures.


At least you had fun in the game!


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